August 20, 2012

Banana Saver

Remember my love for bananas?? Well if you also love bananas or if you purchase them for other members of your household then you are fully aware that bananas can turn "bad" real quick. They tend to turn too soft and bruised for my taste after a couple days so I tend to buy smaller bunches of them, but that results in me going to the grocery store multiple times a week. I would much prefer not going to the store for bananas so when I saw this brilliant idea on Pinterest I had to try it!!

The original idea has you wrapping plastic wrap around the tops of the bananas but we had aluminum foil so I used that instead. I figured it's probably just that the tops need to be covered and not so much about it being plastic wrap or foil.

Day 1 - Notice how pretty they are :)

Day 3 

Day 5

And Day 6 - Holy WOW!!

As you can see I took advantage of the fact that they weren't going bad and saved them! I love having bananas on hand to snack on and now that this little trick works I can have them last a whole week and not have to worry about going to the grocery store!

This trick definitely blew my mind and had it not been for Pinterest who knows if I ever would've discovered it! I've learned that Pinterest is my new best friend!! I was very hesitant about joining Pinterest knowing it would be just another internet time suck for me but so far I couldn't be happier with it. I've completed cute projects, made new delicious recipes, and now of course picked up a few tips and tricks here and there that are STELLAR!!

If you haven't joined Pinterest yet you MUST! Even if it's just for the helpful house tips, it will be worth joining!!


Staci said...

Great tip! TFS!

Alyssa said...

Wait, so how does it work? It just prevents gas or something from spoiling them? I've learned so much from this visit to your blog today, awesome! :)

Unknown said...

Hi....loveee this idea..hopefully it works..with 2 toddlers running around its hard to keep bananas from going bad. ..thanks


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