May 7, 2009


When I work from home usually the 2 dogs curl up next to me if I sit on the couch and sleep. But this day I got up from the table and found 3 out of 4 of my furbabies sleeping onthe couch together. I just love how they all love each other :-) And poor Belle (the cat) is so tolerant of both Buster and Roxy. Buster (the bigger dog) has to be on top of her and watching her whenever she is within in site and Roxy just wants to play with her since they are the same size. The fourth kid Jasmine is warming up to her brother and sister but so far only likes sleeping with her actual sister Belle!


So on Saturday May 2nd my Mom came over and taught me how to make a valance for my scrapbook room. The weekend before hand we had gone shopping for some awesome fabric to match the color scheme of my scrapbook room.
I had a blast making them with my mom and they were so easy. I had a few things to buy afterwards that I needed to do this project or any other sewing, such as an Iron and a Sewing Gauge. But it was fabulous day and I couldn't be happier with the valance :-)






I also did a little updating to an old rickety chair I had as my "Guest Chair" for my scrapbook room. It had a seat covered in random paint splatters, the paint on the actual chair was chipped and scraped. I took the seat off and spray painted the chair frame a brown to match the brown in my scrapbook room. I then got the same fabric that I was using to make a valance for my scrapbook room and recovered the seat. I simply pulled the fabric over the top of the chair padding and used a staple gun to attach it to the bottom.

After the chair dried I put in new screws to make the chair more sturdy and VOILA!! I wish I had a picture of before but I can't find it.

Sewing Desk

I had decided I wanted a different desk for my sewing machine from my scrapbook/craft table. So I ended up buying this desk on clearance at Target for $50. I also bought a cute pink, green, and white ottoman to match my room colors. So I decided the desk absolutely had to be the same green as in the ottoman. I first primered the desk, then painted it green. It is absolutely perfect. Unfortunately it didn't dry all the way and I now have to redo the top but it will be absoluely perfect once I do that. I am so in love with it and it's the perfect size.




My New Sewing Machine

I bought a sewing machine a few weeks ago and I was able to sit down a couple days after I bought and just played around with it. I want to learn how to sew a lot things that I can use in the house, make purses, hallowen outfits, etc. So here is my sewing machine and the first little "bags" I made, just messing around with some clearance fabric from WalMart :-)


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