July 5, 2014

Weekly Favorites

Another round of weekly favorites coming your way!

Let's just get right to it shall we?

1. Books in the mail. I love getting any mail but one of my favorite things to get are books! I recently placed a large order on Amazon.com for used books and impatiently checked my mail every day for a sign of them. Normally I check my mail once a week but I parked my car close to mail boxes every day in order to check for books! I finally received the last of the 9 books that I ordered and I am soooo happy!! On top of that I also received my Old Navy order of a couple new dresses and some capri's!!

I've started Frances & Bernard (2nd book from the bottom) but I'll be honest I am soooo anxious to start The Secret of Magic!! Watch for a bunch of book reviews coming up!

2. Peanut Butter M&M's!! These have always been a weakness of mine but recently I bought a 1lb bag on sale at Target! Was it a bad idea? More than likely but I poured them into a tupperware bowl and only allow myself one handful each night. And since I only get one handful I spread them out over the evening so I don't feel too guilty :)

3. Keeping a journal. I have always loved to write and bought this amazing journal late last year. Do I journal every night? No, but I am getting into the habit of journaling every night now. It's an amazing relief to get out my thoughts and feelings on paper. And since no one is ever going to read it, heck I probably won't even go back and read it, I can say whatever is on my mind. If I want to bitch and complain I can without raining on anyone's day. I can also cry into my journal over frustrations and I can share happy times without sounding like I'm bragging. I can say stupid things, feel sorry for myself, and pump myself up. If you haven't journaled I highly recommend giving it a try. In fact I recently had to purchase another journal as this one is filling up! I find the cutest and most inspiring journals at TJ Maxx and Home Goods!!

4. Boysenberry syrup! I love this syrup more than any other syrup I have ever had in my life. And because it's a little on the pricey side and never seems to be on sale I use it sparingly! I like to treat myself every once in awhile and there are just certain foods I only indulge in once in awhile...I hate when things lose their luxury. Does anyone have a food or beverage they feel is a special treat? I grew up with this syrup thanks to my Dad, well more so my Mom cause she did the grocery shopping but my Dad is the reason we got to have this syrup! I recently indulged in this syrup when I made Buttermilk Blueberry Pancakes (recipe coming soon) and man oh man was it heaven!! Amazing...that's all I can say! Pick some up if you haven't tried it before...it's worth it!

5. My Cuisinart Electric Grill! This has been one of the best purchases I've made! I am very lucky to have a large patio and I spend as much time as possible out there!! And one of my favorite things to do is BBQ dinner! I love BBQing during the summer and the winter! It's easy and the food tastes so much better than when I cook it off in the oven! I have been trying to BBQ as much as possible and this little baby makes it easy! No propane, no charcoal, no mess!! It just plugs into the wall and cooks like an electric stove! I actually purchased this off BeyondtheRack.com and got a steal of a deal! It's perfect for an apartment balcony!!

And there you have it folks...this weeks favorites!! I hope it's been a great week for everyone! And that you all are recovering from all the 4th of July fun! I personally am not a fan of 4th of July Festivities! I love the meaning of the holiday but I am not a fan of the actual fireworks so I can assure you I am up bright and early today! Going to try out Yoga for the first time and get in some good reading. And hopefully if my toe isn't bothering me too much I'd like to take Roxy for a good walk, she's been so good and deserves a nice walk!

Have a wonderful day!

July 4, 2014

Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake

I have been pretty obsessed lately with trying out new recipes...so much that I haven't had much time to blog! I will admit that I have spent most of my evenings at home watching Grey's Anatomy and baking up a storm! I made this one recently and brought it into work...it was devoured pretty quickly :)

I found this recipe for Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake on Pinterest...yes I still get most of my new recipes from there. I have been dying to get my hands on some blueberries and bake up something amazing but I wasn't sure exactly what it was I wanted to bake. I scrolled through my Pinterest boards in an attempt to bake something that I pinned awhile back...still trying to be more diligent about actually making the things I pinned. This one just happens to be one that I pinned when I first got hooked on Pinterest.

Wouldn't you love to wake up to this for breakfast?

This recipe was so easy but you do need to have a few things on hand in order to make it. I had to go to the store to pick up the Buttermilk, Blueberries, and Lemon...I just don't keep those stocked!

The first thing you'll want to do is zest your lemon! After you've done that combine your butter, sugar, and lemon.

Set aside and in another bowl toss some flour and your blueberries.

Combine all your ingredients into one bowl and mix just until combined. You'll add your blueberries last and will want to gently fold them into your batter.

Pour into a greased pan and sprinkle with sugar. I used a cake pan because I didn't have a square pan but it worked out just fine. Then you pop that baby into a 350 degree oven for about 45 minutes.

Be prepared for your home to smell lovely! I actually baked this on a Saturday night so I'd have a wonderful breakfast to heat up while enjoying a cup of coffee and my book on Sunday but it was really hard not to eat a slice fresh from the oven.

This recipe was amazing! There was just a slight lemon flavor to it but the blueberries overpowered everything...in a great way! I am a huge fan of anything blueberry flavored so this was a hit for me. And it was wonderful when warmed up in the oven and the microwave!

Just check out those blueberries...YUM!

This amazingly easy and delicious recipe is courtesy of the blog Alexandra Kitchen and you can bet I'll be trying more of her recipes! Make sure to go check out her blog and be sure to try this one if you are a lover of breakfast dishes and blueberries!

I hope everyone has a Safe and Happy Fourth of July!

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