March 23, 2012

New Evening Routine!

I've got another product review for you!! I recently revamped my night time routine and started out with the Neutrogena Wave, which I still love by the way, but I also tried out a few other night time products.

My skin tends to be super sensitive, as in oily through the day, but dry as a desert right after washing it. Of course I moisturize but since I can't wash my face every single night and morning, otherwise my face is like sand paper and there ain't no moisturize that can do the trick without causing huge oil problems for the rest of day......I digress...........

But since I can't (don't like to) wash my face every night I wanted to get some make up removing wipes. I scoured the shelves at Ulta, but I really wasn't sure. I wanted to get the most bang for my buck and I wanted something for sensitive skin. I found these babies on the bottom shelf!

Suitable for sensitive skin (yup taken right off the package), make up removing, soothing, pretty smelling, EVENING wipes!?!? Hells yes I am so on those.

You get a total of 30 wipes for  $5.49 if you get them at Ulta, which to me is a deal! I couldn't be happier with these make up removing wipes! I use them when I don't wash my face at night and oh lordy do they smell so pretty! 

It's probably just mental but I swear that scent will calm you down, add in a light candle like this one, and some sleep time tea and you are in for a night of relaxation!

I highly recommend these wipes to anyone but don't use them with a face wash, use them as a replacement for a face wash! You will not regret getting these, unless of course you don't like scented products, then steer clear.


Staci said...

Thanks for the tip!! I have been having issues with my skin now that spring is here.

Tracy said...

I have just bought the Neutrogena Wave, but haven't taken it out of the box yet.
Glad to know someones take on this :)

Kendall said...

Hi Staci - can you send Spring here?? We are still stuck with rainy weather!! I hope you try these and like them cause I am so in love with them :)

Kendall said...

Tracy - you will LOVE the Neutrogena wave, I use it now twice a week and its so nice!!


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