March 2, 2012

Straight from the South........

You would think that I am from the South with the amount of Fried Chicken we've been consuming! I assure you though born and raised here in beautiful Cali!!

But I must be a southerner at heart because I wanted to try another healthier version of some fried chicken! Don't get me wrong the other recipe was BOMB but this one has a different flavor to it!! This one is a little more Italian Seasoned than Honey Seasoned :) And it's straight out of the Weight Watchers Cookbook!!

You only need a few ingredients: Cornflakes, Reduced Fat Buttermilk, Flour, Chicken, Salt & Pepper, Paprika, Sage, Rosemary - and if you are me you also add in Oregano and Parsley!!

 First step - salt and pepper your chicken breasts!

Next up grab all your spices and dump them into your buttermilk in a bowl that is big enough for dipping your chicken!

Then to make life easier on yourself line up your 3 bowls of ingredients - buttermilk/spice mixture, chicken, and your flour and cornflakes.

Cover your entire piece of chicken in the buttermilk/spice mixture. I made sure to really coat the ever livin' out of the chicken breasts because I love seasoning!! It's what makes the food explode with flavor in your mouth!!

After you've completed coated your chicken start rolling it in your cornflakes/flour mixture. Again make sure to really coat your chicken with this. You want to make sure every single part of your chicken breasts are covered in the corn flakes because that's what makes it crunch!

I used a small casserole dish  and coated it with baking spray! Cranked the oven to 400 degrees and then lightly spritzed the chicken with an olive oil spray.

Baking time will definitely vary depending on 1. your oven or 2. how crispy you want your chicken!!

I prefer super crispy chicken so I baked our chicken for about 40, possibly 45 minutes. You want to be careful not to burn your chicken or dry it out but I just watch for the crumbs in the pan to get dark. So technical right?

Doesn't this look so delish?

This chicken was so amazingly easy and quick to make. In fact, while it was baking I spent the 40 minutes washing up the dishes from the chicken and had time to pick up the downstairs!! It was so nice after dinner to have 2 plates, silverware, and a clean house!! 

Another plus it's only 6 points for 1 whole chicken breast. They tell you to cut the breast in half and then you get 2 pieces of chicken but seriously what's the point in cutting it in half? I guess if you only want half a chicken breast then it's perfect, but trust me with this recipe you want the whole piece!!

Since Chuckles had a bad day at work I went and picked up one of his favorite side dishes - au gratin potatoes! Since I've been doing weight watchers we've stopped eating these but I wanted to give him a little cheer up and he was so happy! But we had those and then I loaded my plate up with broccoli and cauliflower!! It was an extremely delish meal and I can assure you it will be repeated!! 

I highly recommend for EVERYONE! Doesn't matter if you are dieting or not, this is so good!!!!!!!!!


Staci said...

I made this! It was so yummy!


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