March 14, 2012

Bathroom Shelf Overhaul!!

Goodness remember back when I posted that I wouldn't have anything new to post for awhile so I was thinking of doing reviews (don't worry those are still coming) but I've kind of been on organizing spree again! I reorganized my scrapbook room awhile back, and would totally show you but it's covered in all wedding related items so it unfortunately doesn't look as organized as it should! Once the wedding is over I will make sure to let you see my newly organized beautiful space where I spend my time creating!!

For now I will show off my newly organized bathroom shelves!! I have been struggling FOREVER with keeping these shelves organized. I didn't know what to do with my make up, the stack of workout clothes always ended up in disarray and of course my many bottles of hair products and lotions were constantly causing me troubles. But I found a solution!!

First up I moved all my make up into a little make up caddy that locks up nice and neat. This is stored next to our vanity and honestly I don't know why I ever stopped using it. It's not pictured but it's truly amazing. I have all my make up organized by type and this way I know exactly what I have to use!

Then I moved all my nail polish (that doesn't hang out in the fridge) into this adorable basket that I got in some sort of bath set. Moved my nail tools into the three drawer holder. I also filled an entire drawer of that with hair clips and bobby pins and another drawer with my headbands.You can only see the top drawer of my holder but it's three drawers. 

And of course I keep my baby wipes handy - baby wipes? what for? you might ask - they are amazing for removing make up at night or just for a refresher if it's hot! Love using them and my coworker Laura was the one who told me to use those when camping - oh yes it's so nice when camping cause you truly feel cleaner when you can't shower!!

And last but not least I finally got smart and threw my workout clothes in a basket!! Bra's, pants, and tops all fit nicely in that basket and when I am getting ready to get dressed I just pull the basket down, grab what I need and the basket slides right back into place. No falling clothes, no mess!! I love it!

 The second shelf I devoted to my beautiful jewelry boxes, my handheld mirror, and my make up brushes!! I wanted to keep those away from the sink area as they take up so much room!! It was just too cluttered for my taste and I prefer our bathroom sink area as cleaned up as possibly! And peeking out of the back is a travel kit! I originally bought that as a started kit for my mini emergency kit for work but haven't gotten around to updating my old one, so it sits patiently waiting!

And the final shelf is my pride and joy - my hair product and lotion collection!! I bought those two little trays at Target for $2.50 each. I honestly had no idea what to use them for but they were so damn cute I had to buy them. Totally had buyers remorse but then I discovered they worked perfect for this and added a little color to my boring white shelves!

On one tray I keep all my hair products that I use on a regular basis and you can't see them but I also keep my extra shaving gel, Veet (so excited to try for the first time), and razor blade refills.

Then of course my collection of lotions!! I love lotion and I love having a wide variety! My faves are from Bath and Body Works - you'll find out those are my favorite candles too -but I have quite a bit of variety! I also keep my Benefit cosmetics face products there and an awesome face spritz refresher from the Body Shop! I just love products!!

All in all this new system is amazing! Sorry for no before pictures but trust me it was a disaster!! The workout clothes were all just stacked on a shelf, my jewelry box was buried to the side of them, and all my lotions, hair products, and misc body items were in that big white basket. Can you say PAIN IN THE BUTT?? Trust me it was!

But for $5 I revamped my shelves and even Chuckles likes them much better. I think he just likes having all my make up and brushes off the bathroom counter cause it gives him more space but regardless he's happy and I'm happy!! 

Anyone else discovered awesome bathroom storage ideas?



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