March 30, 2012

Clearing the Aisle

I originally started reading The Girl With No Shadow by Joanne Harris but quickly discovered that I needed a fluffier book. I just wasn't able to get myself fully absorbed in that book so I picked up this one! Since I'm getting married in less than a month (YAY) I figured this would be right up my alley!

If you are A. a Bride or B. Jewish or C. a Jewish Bride you will enjoy this book! 

The book revolves around Rachel and Dan and their journey through planning a Jewish wedding, complete with divorced parents who HATE each other, an insane Mother, a laid back groom, a best man who is against marriage, and of course that one bridesmaid who needs all the attention!

It's your typical wedding book but when you're getting married they are extremely fun to read! I thoroughly enjoyed this book but I was really kind of disappointed in how it drags everything out in the beginning of the book, about 80% of the way through, then it seems to suddenly speed up and rush through the wedding. Granted I'm sure that's how a real wedding feels and this book is told from the Bride's point of view, but I was still hoping for some more of the wedding details without them looking back upon it.

I really enjoyed reading this book and would definitely recommend to anyone who is getting married or who just enjoys wedding books.

Overall Grade = B!

March 26, 2012

Are You A Brunette??

I don't usually buy into the hype on using expensive shampoos and conditioners, but I do enjoy changing up my shampoo/conditioner routine randomly. It's not that my hair necessarily needs a change but more so that I want a change and what's easier than grabbing a different shampoo and conditioner than normal? 

This time around I was at Ulta (yes that's where I buy a huge amount of my products from) and they had their own brand of the color specific shampoos. You know like the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette (which I LOVE by the way), but instead this one is called Ultimate Brunette from Ulta :)

It's not bad, but not sure I'll buy again. It might work better if I were to use the conditioner with it but alas I was not even running low on conditioner when I bought this shampoo. Overall I'd recommend it but it's not going to become a regular for me. Just doesn't seem like it does much and honestly I love shampoos with a strong smell, whether it smells like a fruity drink on the beach or a salon, I just like scented products.

Any one have any good smelling, good for your hair shampoos? Actually does any one have a brand of shampoo/conditioner that really helps with broken hair? 

Every other day when I go running I pull back the front of my hair using bobby pins but it's seriously breaking my hair up top so it's not pretty. I could definitely use some help on getting those back to healthy!

March 23, 2012

New Evening Routine!

I've got another product review for you!! I recently revamped my night time routine and started out with the Neutrogena Wave, which I still love by the way, but I also tried out a few other night time products.

My skin tends to be super sensitive, as in oily through the day, but dry as a desert right after washing it. Of course I moisturize but since I can't wash my face every single night and morning, otherwise my face is like sand paper and there ain't no moisturize that can do the trick without causing huge oil problems for the rest of day......I digress...........

But since I can't (don't like to) wash my face every night I wanted to get some make up removing wipes. I scoured the shelves at Ulta, but I really wasn't sure. I wanted to get the most bang for my buck and I wanted something for sensitive skin. I found these babies on the bottom shelf!

Suitable for sensitive skin (yup taken right off the package), make up removing, soothing, pretty smelling, EVENING wipes!?!? Hells yes I am so on those.

You get a total of 30 wipes for  $5.49 if you get them at Ulta, which to me is a deal! I couldn't be happier with these make up removing wipes! I use them when I don't wash my face at night and oh lordy do they smell so pretty! 

It's probably just mental but I swear that scent will calm you down, add in a light candle like this one, and some sleep time tea and you are in for a night of relaxation!

I highly recommend these wipes to anyone but don't use them with a face wash, use them as a replacement for a face wash! You will not regret getting these, unless of course you don't like scented products, then steer clear.

March 21, 2012

Little Chapel on the River

It feels like it's been such a slow month when it comes to reading but I guess it has considering I've only made it through two books and its March 20th......Yeah well I blame it all on this one.

I am excited to share that I have finished reading Little Chapel on the River. I just started this book on Sunday and was pretty skeptical, however since it's Wednesday you must've figured out I loved it!

The book is actually centered around a small town's locally owned (and operated) bar outside of New York City called Garrison, right on the Hudson River. It focuses on the authors true story of how she came to this small town, during the aftermath of 9/11 and the family she found there.

It's truly a story of an old Irish man and his bar, and so much more. It may center around the Guinan Family's store and bar but it really is story about forming life long friendships and relationships with people. The book is based on the author Wendy's true story of her time (which I discovered via Twitter she still hangs out at the bar) in Garrison and the people she befriends while there.

It's a feel good book, despite the 9/11 starting point of the book. I absolutely loved and adored almost every minute, could go without the details of some of the medical issues, but overall I really found myself engrossed in this book and of course wanting to go to this bar and meet this oddball characters! 

Overall grade - A. 

For being a book about a bar (think Cheers, yes the tv show) this was a page turner for me that I couldn't put down. Loved every single person in the book!!

Next up on my To Read - The Girl with No Shadow!

March 17, 2012

Beat This Panda Express!!!

For those of you who don't know Panda Express is a Fast Food Version of Chinese Food. Personally I really enjoy Panda, it can be hit or miss but overall I stick with what I know is good, chow mein, Beijing beef, an egg roll, and orange chicken.

But while perusing Pinterest the other day (yes I succumbed and am happy to report I am not as addicted as I thought I'd be YAY) and found an awesome pin for a crock pot orange chicken recipe! What a great idea! I much prefer cooking at home rather than going out so if I can get a replacement for Panda woohoo!!! Plus its bound to be A LOT healthier!!

After posting this on my Facebook, well a picture of the final product, I knew I needed to get it up on the blog asap as a few people were wanting the recipe! I have been trying to get it up sooner but you know how life goes....but without further ado here is the fabulous recipe for Crock Pot Orange Chicken!

You need Olive Oil, Vinegar (the original recipe calls for balsamic but I only had rice vinegar), Flour, Brown Sugar, Orange Juice Frozen Concentrate, Ketchup, Salt, and of course Chicken!!

Go ahead and cut up your chicken into whatever size pieces you want! I prefer smaller ones since I knew it'd be going over rice!

Then take those chicken pieces and cover in flour, set aside.

Grab a frying pan and crank up the heat on your stove. Toss in a little bit of olive oil and getting to cooking up that chicken. According to the recipe the chicken does not have to be fully cooked since it's going in a crock pot, me personally there is no way I'd chance it. Yes I know that sounds silly but I have this huge fear of raw food and getting I cooked my chicken all the way!

Next up put together the saucy mixture!! Grab your orange juice (if frozen pop it in the microwave - obviously put it in a bowl and not the container in the microwave- for about 45 seconds).
In another bowl combine orange juice concentrate, ketchup, brown sugar, and salt.

Toss your cooked (or slightly undercooked) chicken into your crockpot.

Pour the sauce over the top of the chicken and stir it up a bit to really coat the chicken. Put a lid on the crockpot and let it cook on high for 2-3 hours (or on low for 5-6). 

Your house will definitely smell like orange chicken after this but it's all in a good way, unless of course you are burning a fruity candle, then it's just strange, trust me I know.

And dump it over some white rice, add in a veggie and bam a healthier (and better) version of chinese food in your own home, no travel necessary!

This surpassed all my expectations! I was really unsure simply because I love orange chicken (and no not just Panda's)!! This was so delish, even Chuckles really enjoyed it and we decided it's a regular now! For those hot summer days when you don't want to turn the oven on, for those weekends where we don't want to cook, or even for entertaining purposes, this recipe will be enjoyed by all who love Chinese Food. 

Another must try - and of course to give credit to where credit is due - I found the recipe here.

P.S. No idea on the weight watchers points scale where this would be. I will find out though and as soon as I do I'll update this post :)

March 16, 2012

Are All Journalists This Boring?

For awhile there I was kicking some serious booty on my book list but then I chose this one.

The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman.

This book took me 2 1/2 weeks to read. No not because it's long, its only 306 pages long. But its 306 pages long of boring beyond boring text. When we rounded up book ideas last year for book club one of the members brought this one as a suggestion. Since it was a book based on journalists I was totally on board but it did not get chosen. So instead I added it to my 2012 list! Big mistake.

This book is about a bunch of different journalists (one person per chapter, meaning each person gets one chapter and that's it) all working for one paper. And I don't see the any point to this novel. It's filled with a bunch of depressing stories about a bunch of random people.

Overall grade is an F. I can't even say I liked this book for anything! Oh and be forewarned there is one chapter where there is a dog murder, yup someone murders a dog and it's not detailed in the book but they tell you how the dog was killed. Totally hated this book and don't even know why I finished it! Can you say a waste of 2 1/2 weeks?

Hopefully the next one is better, I just started Little Chapel on the River - our March Book Club Book!

March 15, 2012

Silky Soft

I promise not to focus all my reviews on "beauty" products but lately I've been on a beauty buying spree! I've gotten myself settled into a new skin care routine because of the wedding, however I have now found how calming and lovely it is to have a nightly routine that I doubt I'll ever go back to my old ways - you know sleeping in my makeup, not moisturizing at night, that whole deal!

First thing I did when I decided to start a new routine, which by the way my glow was to get smoother better looking skin, nothing to crazy just thought if I took a little bit more time I'd be able to get my super sensitive, acne prone skin to look clearer and smoother. Soooooo....the first thing I did was research, research, research! I'm a huge researcher. I hate making any purchases without getting to read reviews first and by reviews - I mean LOTS of them!

One of the first products that kept popping up was the Neutrogena Wave gadget. It's a smallish vibrating tool that you attach a cleansing pad to and it literally cleans your face while promising smoother looking skin...they promise it within the first use. My initial reaction - Yeah right, sure it does. But since it was only $10.99 at my local Ulta I figured if it did work I'd have a major score!

You can get it at Ulta!

Of course I read the directions before use and it's super simple to use. Just take one of the pads and attach it to the Velcro spot. Super easy, just press it on and it stays. Then run the padded area under water, just to get it a little wet, press the little on button and get ready for a gentle face massage. No joke this feels like you are giving your face a massage while cleaning it!!!!!

Oh and it's water proof so it can be used while showering - BONUS!

You probably won't believe me but yes it really did work on the first us! I seriously didn't want to stop touching my face cause it was so smooth!! I was SHOCKED!! And the "soap"/face wash that they use on the pads smells great, but is not too strong, and it really does get your face clean without over drying.

Because I was still skeptical, even though it really did work on the first use, I used it again that night before bed and holy wow! It was still amazing and felt so good. I even make Chuckles feel my face cause it was so soft! I mean it won't feel like a feather but I guarantee it will feel softer than any other face wash has gotten your face before!!

The only downside is obviously having to purchase more facial wash pads, but if you use this as a replacement to your normal face wash it won't really matter. However I will only use this at night. I still need my acne fighting face wash (yes at 25 my sensitive skin still gives me troubles) in the mornings, but what better way to end the night with a nice easy, cleansing face massage! 

I highly recommend!! Great job Neutrogena!!

March 14, 2012

Bathroom Shelf Overhaul!!

Goodness remember back when I posted that I wouldn't have anything new to post for awhile so I was thinking of doing reviews (don't worry those are still coming) but I've kind of been on organizing spree again! I reorganized my scrapbook room awhile back, and would totally show you but it's covered in all wedding related items so it unfortunately doesn't look as organized as it should! Once the wedding is over I will make sure to let you see my newly organized beautiful space where I spend my time creating!!

For now I will show off my newly organized bathroom shelves!! I have been struggling FOREVER with keeping these shelves organized. I didn't know what to do with my make up, the stack of workout clothes always ended up in disarray and of course my many bottles of hair products and lotions were constantly causing me troubles. But I found a solution!!

First up I moved all my make up into a little make up caddy that locks up nice and neat. This is stored next to our vanity and honestly I don't know why I ever stopped using it. It's not pictured but it's truly amazing. I have all my make up organized by type and this way I know exactly what I have to use!

Then I moved all my nail polish (that doesn't hang out in the fridge) into this adorable basket that I got in some sort of bath set. Moved my nail tools into the three drawer holder. I also filled an entire drawer of that with hair clips and bobby pins and another drawer with my headbands.You can only see the top drawer of my holder but it's three drawers. 

And of course I keep my baby wipes handy - baby wipes? what for? you might ask - they are amazing for removing make up at night or just for a refresher if it's hot! Love using them and my coworker Laura was the one who told me to use those when camping - oh yes it's so nice when camping cause you truly feel cleaner when you can't shower!!

And last but not least I finally got smart and threw my workout clothes in a basket!! Bra's, pants, and tops all fit nicely in that basket and when I am getting ready to get dressed I just pull the basket down, grab what I need and the basket slides right back into place. No falling clothes, no mess!! I love it!

 The second shelf I devoted to my beautiful jewelry boxes, my handheld mirror, and my make up brushes!! I wanted to keep those away from the sink area as they take up so much room!! It was just too cluttered for my taste and I prefer our bathroom sink area as cleaned up as possibly! And peeking out of the back is a travel kit! I originally bought that as a started kit for my mini emergency kit for work but haven't gotten around to updating my old one, so it sits patiently waiting!

And the final shelf is my pride and joy - my hair product and lotion collection!! I bought those two little trays at Target for $2.50 each. I honestly had no idea what to use them for but they were so damn cute I had to buy them. Totally had buyers remorse but then I discovered they worked perfect for this and added a little color to my boring white shelves!

On one tray I keep all my hair products that I use on a regular basis and you can't see them but I also keep my extra shaving gel, Veet (so excited to try for the first time), and razor blade refills.

Then of course my collection of lotions!! I love lotion and I love having a wide variety! My faves are from Bath and Body Works - you'll find out those are my favorite candles too -but I have quite a bit of variety! I also keep my Benefit cosmetics face products there and an awesome face spritz refresher from the Body Shop! I just love products!!

All in all this new system is amazing! Sorry for no before pictures but trust me it was a disaster!! The workout clothes were all just stacked on a shelf, my jewelry box was buried to the side of them, and all my lotions, hair products, and misc body items were in that big white basket. Can you say PAIN IN THE BUTT?? Trust me it was!

But for $5 I revamped my shelves and even Chuckles likes them much better. I think he just likes having all my make up and brushes off the bathroom counter cause it gives him more space but regardless he's happy and I'm happy!! 

Anyone else discovered awesome bathroom storage ideas?

March 12, 2012

Hello Freezer

This one should be a lot shorter since obviously my fridge is WAY bigger than my freezer!! Even still apparently we like to keep things full in our house cause it's packed! Granted we eat everything in here but still - I repeat - no worries about starving to death!
Let's just dive right in! 

We don't drink much but we do keep some alcohol on hand, we have a bottle of vodka and rum, as well as mini bottles of Red Rum, Hypnotiq, and another type of Rum that our friend gave us to try.  Orange Juice concentrate, Milk Chocolate Chips, Morningstar Garden Veggie Patties, Tilapia Tenders, Breyers Ice Cream Bar, Three Cheese Tortellin Meal, Egg Rolls, Burger Buns, French Fries, Dinner Rolls, and Sandwich bread!

Bottom Half - Ice cube trays and ice packs, bacon, steak, ground beef, chicken, and some ground turkey.

And now for the door!

And in the door we have our multiple bags of frozen veggies, some has browns, frozen berry mixture, and a Smart Ones meal! And peeking out below the veggies is another bag of chocolate chips!

That's all there is to our Freezer folks now go and do your own too!!

March 10, 2012

Hello Fridge!

Awhile back a few people were doing a "What's in my Fridge/Freezer?" blog posts and I loved them so I thought well why not? I know the popularity of it has died down a bit but hey I'm bringing it back!! If you want to do one too I would love it!! I love any type of "What's in my ____?" like purse, car, make up bag, shower, etc...they are just so fun!!

Without further ado here's my fridge!!

What to know the ingredients - are you sure your ready -
Top Shelf: Land O Lakes Cinnamon Sugar Butter, Pears in Juice, Caramel, Lowfat Cottage Cheese, Baking Soda (way in the back), Sugar Free Chocolate Puddings (behind the big tub of butter), Spicy Mustard (Behind the butter as well), Country Crock Butter with Calcium, Yellow Mustard, Grape Jelly, Strawberry Jelly, and Applesauce.

Deli Drawer: Turkey Hot Dogs, Salami, Turkey meat, and American Cheese!

Middle Shelf: Eggs, Pasta Sauce (in the Tupperware), Egg Beaters, Ground Beef (for dinner), Whole Wheat Bread, Fat Free Mayo, Fat Free Sour Cream, Guacamole (goes great on Burgers), Steak Sauce, Sriracha Sauce, 2 Regular Hot Sauce, Olives? and I have no idea what is in the bottom tupperware container - probably more sauce, and in the foil is a little chocolate cake that is to die for from Chuckle's work! I can't wait to eat that!!!

Bottom Shelf - Diet 7-Ups, 1 Beer (not sure why there's only 1), The amazing YoCrunch pie parfaits (only 3 weight watchers points, I highly recommend the apple ones, and I'll let you know about these berry ones), deli carved chicken (also low in weight watcher points and so delish), Orange Juice, Lettuce (in the Tupperware), and of course water bottles!

Bottom drawers - Biscuits, Tortillas, and Cheeses - cheddar and parmesan. Normally we have mozzarella but ran out! And in the other drawer it's pie crusts and garlic!

Next up the door!!

Instead of butter in our butter store spot we have nail polishes!! Yes I put most of my nail polishes in the fridge, makes them easier to apply in the heat!! Lemon juice, Lime Juice, and Ranch Packets (Chuck's mom always sends us home with these cause we are the only ones who put ranch on our salads), And there's our butter sticks!! It may seem like we have A LOT of butter in our fridge but the sticks are for baking and the above tub of Country Crock lasts us FOREVER!!!!!!!! Next to the sticks of butter are Weight Watcher cream cheese single serves and BBQ sauces from McDonalds.

Then we have Pizza sauce (we always have this on hand), Ranch, Coffee Creamers, and that's Parmesan Cheese in the back, Reduced Fat Buttermilk, Ketchup and 2% milk.

Then we have quite the array of dressings - Thousand Island (LOVE), Ranch with Bacon, and a 4 Cheese Fantastico. Then BBQ Sauce, Soda, Reduced Sodium Chicken Broth, More Soda, and Chocolate Syrup!!

I would definitely say that we won't go hungry any time soon. What's kind of sad about doing this is I realize how much food we have that we do not consume on a regular basis. Some of the condiments are only during summer and almost all of them I am the only one to use them cause Chuck likes everything plain. But I guess I like variety cause there are 4 different dressings in the fridge. However the 3 different hot sauces are all Chuckles. I'll use them once in awhile but he could put them on every meal!!

Since this post has gotten to be SUPER LONG, thanks to our overflowing fridge, I'm going to give you a break and I'll do the freezer in my next post!!

Now who's brave enough to share their fridge contents??

March 7, 2012

Mess of a Stir Fry!!

All day I was looking forward to getting off work because I was going home to try a brand new recipe!! I am trying to do as many recipes from my Weight Watchers Cookbook as well as from the Comfort Food Fix book because I want more and more healthy recipes to become regular recipes!!

I ended up having to go by the grocery store when I got off work so we kind of ate later than normal, but this recipe was worth the time it took to make it!!

You need quite a few ingredients actually: 
1/4 cup + 2 tablespoons water
2 teaspoons cornstarch
4 teaspoons canola oil
1lb skinless boneless chicken breasts, cut into 1/2 inch strips
1 red bell pepper, cut into strips
4 scallions, cut into 1-1/2 inch lengths
1 tablespoon minced peeled fresh ginger (I used ground ginger)
3 garlic cloves, minced (I used garlic powder)
1/2 cup reduced sodium chicken broth
1/4 cup orange juice
3 tablespoons reduced sodium soy sauce
1 orange, peeled and sectioned
2 cups hot cooked brown rice

 First step, combine your cornstarch and 2 tablespoons water in a small bowl. Stir until you get a creamy texture, than set aside.

Then slice up your chicken. Essentially cut them into strips like you would for a stir fry!

Turn up the heat on your stove and place a wok or deep pan on top of the burner. Pour your canola oil into the pan and let it heat a little bit. Toss in your chicken and cook them up just like you would a stir fry.

While your chicken is cooking take this time to slice up your bell peppers and scallions (a.k.a green onions). The next time I make this dish I will definitely be doing prep work the night before as it does take some time.

Once your chicken is cooked set it aside in a bowl, but keep it close by to your pan. DO NOT REMOVE YOUR PAN FROM THE HEAT!!

Toss your broccoli florets and red pepper slices into your frying pan. Cook it like a stir fry for a couple minutes, then place a lid over the top and let it cook for 4 minutes, or until your broccoli is tender.

In those four minutes you are waiting around you can A. start washing dishes or B. get your rice going. I'm a huge fan of the Boil in a Bag rices (props to my friend Laura for telling me about these) so I just need to get it to boil. 

You can also take this time to peel and section your orange. And then just set those aside on a plate and remember to wash your hands! If you are like me then you rub your eyes a lot at night and the sting from the orange is so not worth it, especially when you have contacts in!

After the 4 minutes or up, or for me it was closer to 6 because we don't have a lid that's big enough for our pan. Toss in your scallions, ginger, and garlic powder. Now we both absolutely LOVE ginger so I added a BUNCH of that!! You can never go wrong with more ginger!!

Stir fry that for about 1 minute. While that's cooking for a minute take this time to quickly re stir your cornstarch mixture. Mix together your orange juice, remaining water (1/4 cup) and your soy sauce. Dump the liquid mixture, the corn starch and your chicken back in the pan with your veggies. 

Keep this on the stove top just long enough for the sauce to bubble and thicken.

Be prepared for a strong aroma to fill up your kitchen! It's pretty amazing!! And just look at that mixture...can you say YUM?!?!?

Right before you are ready to serve this dish toss in your oranges and just let it warm up a little bit.

If you are following watchers go ahead and load your plate up with 1-1/2 cups of the chicken/veggie mixture and 1/2 cup of your brown rice. Seriously this is so much for food for only 8 POINTS!! Serious - it's only 8 POINTS for ALL THAT FOOD!!!! Crazy right? And super cool fact - it's so filling I didn't even finish that whole plate!!

This meal was so good and so worth the work! I mean look at that, how can you not think it's worth it?

The oranges are such an odd item to put in this stir fry, in my opinion but it really adds quite a bit of flavor. It really balances well with everything else! And I love soy sauce and ginger so I knew with those two flavors this recipe would be a winner, but seriously the orange caught me off guard with how well it went with everything else!!

I highly recommend every one try this recipe. Chuck cleaned his plate and he is definitely not on weight watchers. And it's really such a filling and low point dinner. I am still amazed it's only 8 points. 8 points!!!!!!!!!!! I know you weight watcher peeps are going WOW SERIOUSLY!!! Yes seriously!!

TRY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 6, 2012


Hello My Readers and Fellow Bloggers,

I don't have a new book review or a new recipe to share with you today but I do have some exciting news!! I just found out yesterday that a photograph I took of a local barn won a contest!! I belong to a Photography Meet Up group with my Paps and in February they had a contest centered on photos of Barns!! I submitted a couple and turns out the judges liked one of them!! There are 4 winners from the month and we all get to have our photographs enlarged and hung at a local photography store for the month of March!! I am so excited to go check it out once it's up!!

I know this is kind of a brag post but I'm very excited and I really have nothing else to blog about at this moment!! So here's the photo!!

In other news I'm realizing that I'm starting to lack posts to write anything about since we are knee deep in the final stages of wedding planning....but I wanted to see if you guys would be interested in me starting to blog some entries with product reviews! My book reviews seem to be extremely popular (out of all my posts) and I of course have an opinion on a lot of products that I buy. Now I know what some of you are thinking...and no my blog will not become an advertisement for companies!!

I just am thinking of new ways to spice up my blog and I recently have made some awesome purchases and thought it might be fun to share my opinions on them!! Let me know if you would be interested in reading my reviews on random products!!

I am planning on trying a new recipe over the weekend and I am really trying to finish the book I started two weeks ago but goodness time is flying by!!

I hope everyone is having a great week so far...and seriously be honest if you'd like to see product reviews or not...I'll do what my readers/fellow bloggers want :)

March 2, 2012

Straight from the South........

You would think that I am from the South with the amount of Fried Chicken we've been consuming! I assure you though born and raised here in beautiful Cali!!

But I must be a southerner at heart because I wanted to try another healthier version of some fried chicken! Don't get me wrong the other recipe was BOMB but this one has a different flavor to it!! This one is a little more Italian Seasoned than Honey Seasoned :) And it's straight out of the Weight Watchers Cookbook!!

You only need a few ingredients: Cornflakes, Reduced Fat Buttermilk, Flour, Chicken, Salt & Pepper, Paprika, Sage, Rosemary - and if you are me you also add in Oregano and Parsley!!

 First step - salt and pepper your chicken breasts!

Next up grab all your spices and dump them into your buttermilk in a bowl that is big enough for dipping your chicken!

Then to make life easier on yourself line up your 3 bowls of ingredients - buttermilk/spice mixture, chicken, and your flour and cornflakes.

Cover your entire piece of chicken in the buttermilk/spice mixture. I made sure to really coat the ever livin' out of the chicken breasts because I love seasoning!! It's what makes the food explode with flavor in your mouth!!

After you've completed coated your chicken start rolling it in your cornflakes/flour mixture. Again make sure to really coat your chicken with this. You want to make sure every single part of your chicken breasts are covered in the corn flakes because that's what makes it crunch!

I used a small casserole dish  and coated it with baking spray! Cranked the oven to 400 degrees and then lightly spritzed the chicken with an olive oil spray.

Baking time will definitely vary depending on 1. your oven or 2. how crispy you want your chicken!!

I prefer super crispy chicken so I baked our chicken for about 40, possibly 45 minutes. You want to be careful not to burn your chicken or dry it out but I just watch for the crumbs in the pan to get dark. So technical right?

Doesn't this look so delish?

This chicken was so amazingly easy and quick to make. In fact, while it was baking I spent the 40 minutes washing up the dishes from the chicken and had time to pick up the downstairs!! It was so nice after dinner to have 2 plates, silverware, and a clean house!! 

Another plus it's only 6 points for 1 whole chicken breast. They tell you to cut the breast in half and then you get 2 pieces of chicken but seriously what's the point in cutting it in half? I guess if you only want half a chicken breast then it's perfect, but trust me with this recipe you want the whole piece!!

Since Chuckles had a bad day at work I went and picked up one of his favorite side dishes - au gratin potatoes! Since I've been doing weight watchers we've stopped eating these but I wanted to give him a little cheer up and he was so happy! But we had those and then I loaded my plate up with broccoli and cauliflower!! It was an extremely delish meal and I can assure you it will be repeated!! 

I highly recommend for EVERYONE! Doesn't matter if you are dieting or not, this is so good!!!!!!!!!

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