March 15, 2012

Silky Soft

I promise not to focus all my reviews on "beauty" products but lately I've been on a beauty buying spree! I've gotten myself settled into a new skin care routine because of the wedding, however I have now found how calming and lovely it is to have a nightly routine that I doubt I'll ever go back to my old ways - you know sleeping in my makeup, not moisturizing at night, that whole deal!

First thing I did when I decided to start a new routine, which by the way my glow was to get smoother better looking skin, nothing to crazy just thought if I took a little bit more time I'd be able to get my super sensitive, acne prone skin to look clearer and smoother. Soooooo....the first thing I did was research, research, research! I'm a huge researcher. I hate making any purchases without getting to read reviews first and by reviews - I mean LOTS of them!

One of the first products that kept popping up was the Neutrogena Wave gadget. It's a smallish vibrating tool that you attach a cleansing pad to and it literally cleans your face while promising smoother looking skin...they promise it within the first use. My initial reaction - Yeah right, sure it does. But since it was only $10.99 at my local Ulta I figured if it did work I'd have a major score!

You can get it at Ulta!

Of course I read the directions before use and it's super simple to use. Just take one of the pads and attach it to the Velcro spot. Super easy, just press it on and it stays. Then run the padded area under water, just to get it a little wet, press the little on button and get ready for a gentle face massage. No joke this feels like you are giving your face a massage while cleaning it!!!!!

Oh and it's water proof so it can be used while showering - BONUS!

You probably won't believe me but yes it really did work on the first us! I seriously didn't want to stop touching my face cause it was so smooth!! I was SHOCKED!! And the "soap"/face wash that they use on the pads smells great, but is not too strong, and it really does get your face clean without over drying.

Because I was still skeptical, even though it really did work on the first use, I used it again that night before bed and holy wow! It was still amazing and felt so good. I even make Chuckles feel my face cause it was so soft! I mean it won't feel like a feather but I guarantee it will feel softer than any other face wash has gotten your face before!!

The only downside is obviously having to purchase more facial wash pads, but if you use this as a replacement to your normal face wash it won't really matter. However I will only use this at night. I still need my acne fighting face wash (yes at 25 my sensitive skin still gives me troubles) in the mornings, but what better way to end the night with a nice easy, cleansing face massage! 

I highly recommend!! Great job Neutrogena!!



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