March 19, 2009

Christmas Decoration

I made this in 2007 for my parents for christmas. They have two english springer spaniels so I tried to make the dogs look like them. I used clay for the snowman, and the dogs. I bought the tree at Michael's Crafts and painted it. It was made out of a cardboard material. The house I made out of popsicle sticks and then used construction paper for the sides. Then I used pipe cleaners for the star on the tree and lined the house. I used acrylic paint and another type of paint that I can't remember now to do the snow and the ornaments on the tree. I absolutely love this decoration because I was able to incorporate so many crafts in it. And I miss working with clay so this was a fun thing to do with no pressure since it was for my parents who are biologically programmed to like anything I give them :-)




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