May 31, 2012

Shanghai Girls

Has it really been 2 weeks since my last post?? Oh boy does time fly by when you are having fun!! 

Despite our busy lives lately I still had time to read this months book club book Shanghai Girls by Lisa See.

This book follows the journey of two sisters, Pearl and May, who are sold by their father to a man as wives to his sons. They are required to travel from Shanghai to San Francisco during the year 1937. 
The book spans 20 years and it's so amazing to read about the history of that time, but as well as how relationships evolve for both these girls who didn't have a choice in the direction their life went.

I really enjoyed reading about the bond between the sisters and how strong of a bond it is. And I know I'd do absolutely everything these Sisters did for each for my own Sister. However the relationship between these two is interesting. Sometimes it felt like they only did these things for each other because of their culture. Not that they didn't do it out of love but it felt more like an obligation. It was a very interesting dynamic.

I would highly recommend this book to everyone. It was very fascinating to read about a different culture, a different time of life, and a different way of forming relationships!

I cannot wait to read the follow up book to this novel!!


Staci said...

This book looks like a really good read. Thanks for sharing!


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