June 19, 2014

The End of Bridget Jones

Any one who knows me well knows that I LOVE LOVE LOVE British Chick Lit! I am obsessed with the Brits and all their quirkiness!! In fact if I could sell my soul to become British I would!! I love everything about them....well everything that I know about them anyways :)

One of my all time favorite British Chick Lits is of course Bridget Jones! I love the books and adore the movies! Renee Zellweger is the perfect Bridget Jones...don't even try and fight me on it!

One of my Christmas gifts from my parents was the third and I'm guessing final novel for Bridget Jones. I have waited 6 months to read it because I wasn't sure I was ready for it to end. I am one of those readers who will have less than 100 pages in a book and set it down for a few days because I am just not ready for the book to be over. Unlike movies which I can watch over and over again until I can quote the entire thing....I can't seem to reread books. The magic isn't there once I know how it's going to end.

There are few books that I can reread....for example Harry Potter...I will always read the Harry Potter novels over and over again! And yes I am still waiting on my Hogwarts Letter even though I am well past the age! I can reread all the Hunger Games, The Treachery of Beautiful Things, anything by Gillian Flynn, The Help, and almost all of Sophie Kinsella's books. Okay so I guess that's quite a few but I know people who will reread a million books over and over again!

Unfortunately the Bridget Jones' books are not included in that last...the movies yes absolutely. I put them on all the time when I'm falling asleep at night but the books not so much! Do I keep them?? Absolutely!

Once I finally started Bridget Jones Mad About the Boy I couldn't put it down....at least not until I had a little over 30 pages to go and then I set it aside for three days before I finally finished it. I was just not ready for it to end!!

Photo Courtesy of Amazon.

The book picks up with Bridget years later...2 children and the unfortunate death of her beloved Mark Darcy...not spoiling anything that is clearly in the synopsis of the novel. It follows Bridget through the trials of moving on in the only way Bridget Jones could do it....awkwardly! This woman could make anyone look like a picture of perfection! She is so quirky and such a hilarious mess! What can I say I absolutely adore her!

The book is set again in diary format...could it be any other way? She details her feelings on being a single mother, the joys and pitfalls of having a young toy boy (referred to here in the States as a boy toy), helping her still single friends through their relationships, and trying to start her career up again following the loss of Mark.

Now if I had it my way and could create a happily ever after I'd leave the third book out of the publishing world. I rather liked imagining her and Mark Darcy living happily ever after...just the way they are. But of course life isn't about happily ever after and I will say Helen Fielding did an amazing job of disposing of a beloved character and still leaving you happy with the way life goes on for Bridget. You will find that you like all characters in this novel and that you really are rooting for them all to find happiness.

If you are a fan of Bridget Jones be sure to read this one. She is....as can only be described...the Bridget Jones we all love!

Overall grade - A+++...Now Helen Fielding needs to leave it alone and be good with how she finished Bridget's story. I can't take another heartbreak for Bridget!!



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