July 19, 2009


So I've been away from my blog for a LONG time now. But I finally have some stuff to update on. I have been busy dealing with school and work and until recently haven't scrapbooked, done home updates, or taken very many pictures. So now I can do a little more updating YAY! My class ends this week and I'm hoping to scrapbook and/or sew a lot in between my class ending and the next ones starting!
So things I have been up to recently
- Finally started sanding down my sewing desk so I can repaint it and hopefully have it work this time. Will hopefully get it sanding the primer painted this week, then let that dry and paint the top green again :-)
- Had a BBQ with the parentals last night and it was fun! We spent the night playing on the old school Nintendo. We played Mario and a Bill Elliot racing game I got for my Paps. It was ridiculous how horrible the graphics were LOL.
- Chuck finally finished up the floor in the living room. We now have the trim around the fireplace and the threshold between the tile and flooring. It looks great!!
- A lot has changed at work and things will hopefully get better. Have to commute two days a week now which sucks but I'm happy to still have a job and one that I do enjoy.
- Did some scrapbooking, attached picture below :-)
- And then just hanging with the honey and our puppies and cats! Today is the first day we've got to just relax with nothing to do and I'm loving it. I just finished up a book I was reading and am going to start another one here in a second!! Just wanted to do a little blog update :-) Hope everyone is having a great summer so far! I personally can't wait for winter, but I love "crappy" weather :-)
Here is the Valentine's Day Scrapbook Page that I just made. I am not sure if I am completely finished. I am thinking of adding some more stickers....

And here is the threshold with the floors, haven't taken a picture of around fireplace yet.

And that's about it for now!! Have a Wonderful Relaxing Sunday!!



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