July 26, 2009

My Sunday

Hello On this Lovely Sunday,

Today I woke up late after going to the Paramore/No Doubt concert last night!! It was AMAZING!! I had a blast!!

After I finally crawled out of bed and into the shower I went to the grocery store! Chuck and I had decided that each sunday we would try out a new recipe for dinner to spice up our weekly menu routine. We tend to eat the same things each week because we like them and they are easy. So I had to buy a few groceries and I decided to make stuffed shells!! I also decided to make a bundt cake from scratch :-)

Here are the steps to making the bundt cake, which was SUPER EASY!! We haven't eaten it yet but we will be trying it out tonight :-)

Can you believe that it's 1 cup of hot coffee to the left that the recipe required!!

I can't wait for dessert tonight!!

And here is what we had for dinner :-) I ended up making it because Chuck is having some medical issues so he's been upstairs all day, the poor guy!!

The Finished Product!!!

The stuffed shells turned out wonderful! We also had salad with home grown cucumbers (Thanks Mom and Paps) and some rolls :-) It was wonderful!

Aside from baking and cooking I sewed a little, did laundry and cleaned up the house a little. My Mom and I started a little sewing project on Friday but didn't get to finish it. I wanted to sew an apron so my Mom came up to help me out and we started it, I had to finish sewing my pocket it for it today which it came out great! I was pretty excited because I was nervous about sewing some rick rack onto it but it came out great! Once I am done with my apron I will post pictures!
Now I am just writing my blog, waiting for laundry to dry and watching "What Happens in Vegas". I love it! And then I'll paint my nails and make my lunch for work tomorrow!
I hope everyone had a great sunday! Here's to a great week! I hope!!



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