January 28, 2011

Another One?? Seriously?

Yes I seriously finished another book this week. Another short easy read but another book down off the list YAY!! I just finished reading Favorite by Karen McQuestion.

I thought again that I would read something uplifting after the last two books being somewhat weird downers but nope. I chose another free book I got from Amazon and it was yet another abduction style book. I gotta be honest I am OVER them at this point. I am determined to read fluff for my next two books, possibly the next three books. But as for this one it's about a 16 year old girl who gets attacked and almost abducted. They do catch the man who did it but that opens a can of worms that revolve around her mothers disappearance 5 years earlier. To be honest the book was pretty good but the ending wrapped up so quickly that I was kind of let down. I would tell the author to keep it up though cause her writing is intrigueing and I didn't want to put the book down but to work on the ending some more. It could have been better, but the overall grade of this B-. Another book I wouldn't recommend to those unless you are okay with these types of happenings.

Next up....something happy and fluffy :-)


Tracy said...

Holy toledo batman, you sure go through them, and everyone says I am a fast reader.
I just picked up the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. My Stepmom really wants me to read it and give her my opion.
I really hope I like it.

Connie said...

you sure are a reader!! you are inspiring me to pick up a book!!

Staci said...

:-0 Wow! I haven't finished reading Catch 22 yet! Does it count if I scrapped? ;-)

Bella said...

Thanks Ladies!! These books were super short so it was easy :)

Staci - heck yes that counts! I'm planning on scrapbooking today and tomorrow :)


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