January 25, 2011

Bon Appetit'

I tried another new recipe from my Taste of Home Guilt Free Cooking - here's link if you are looking for the book (Yup for you Tracy) :-) Get it Here. Unfortunately it looks like Taste of Home does not sell the specific one I have but they do have another one that you can check out (I might even buy it).

This recipe is super easy and has ingredients that any pasta loving Chef should have: Ground Turkey, Non-Meat sauce, Mozzarella cheese, onion powder, egg noodles, and mushrooms!

First things first you need to brown your ground turkey and then add in the mushrooms (After you've sliced them of couse).

Once your ground turkey is completey browned add in your pasta sauce and onion powder.

Mix all together and keep on the stove top until it's heated up thoroughly.

I should have mentioned that while you are putting together your sauce mixture you should boil your egg noodles. Once you've boiled the noodles drain them and then put into a casserole dish.

Pour your sauce mixture over your noodles.

Top with cheese.

Cover with aluminum foil or if you have a top to your dish you can use that.

Then pop into your preheated oven (350 degrees) just until the cheese has melted.

Doesn't that look delish?!?!? And look at all you get!! You can divide the casserole up into 6 sections and then that's only 8 points per serving! Yes only 8 points!! I was shocked too because it's big serving!

This dinner was AWESOME! It's a great Weight Watchers meal too! And let me tell you that this is going to be filling! I was STUFFED!!

For those of you who like Ground Turkey I highly recommend this meal which lets' be honest is spaghetti with ground turkey :-)


Alyssa said...

I love that u post recipes!!! :)

Bella said...

:-) I am ALL about recipes! I LOVE COOKING!!
I'll be posting an AMAZING recipe in the next couple days!


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