January 6, 2011

Cutie McCute!

Man oh man have things slowed down since Christmas!! I miss having postings for every day :-( But I must admit it has been nice to relax this week and just spend time with my honey!

And part of relaxing means reading for me! Last night I finished reading Giuliana and Bill Rancic's book "I Do, Now What?" and holy cuteness!! First off let me tell you that I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE their tv show on the Style Network! I find them to be both to be extremely likeable and very real on their tv show and it shines through in their book.

I didn't realize at first this book had so much guidance towards relationship and marriage as I thought it was just going to be a collection of stories from their marriage and some background on their lives. While they do include a bunch of funny stories they also give some guidance on what has made their relationship as successful as it is. And I don't mean successful as in monetary and fame, I mean successful as in what makes their marriage work, what keeps the spice alive, and what they make a priority! While I'm not married (YET) I still find this book highly enjoyable!

This book technically is not on my 2011 Book List, partly because I was hoping to finish it in 2010 but that didn't happen. So let's call this my transition book from 2010 to 2011!! But the next and first book for 2011 to read will be "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" for our book club this month. I've heard so many mixed reviews about this book, but both my Mom and Sister flew through it so I am looking forward to getting started!!


Kelly said...

I have seen the show a few times and it is very cute. Had no idea they wrote a book.

Gonna have to put that on my Kindle list.

Thanks for letting us know.


Lynn said...

isn't relaxing great? i love to read.

Tracy said...

My heart did a little pitter patter when you mentioned you 1st book.
My step mom suggested I read this book last summer.
She wants to hear my view on it.
You may have given me the push to find it and read.
I am trying to get throught one my friend gave me to read, and I am so bored with it. And there is a series! I guess I just have to tell her not to send the other's my way.

Anonymous said...

They're a real couple? I thought it was just some tv thing.

Bella said...

Thank you Everyone!!

Kelly - if you like the show you will like the book ;-) Def put it on your wishlist!!

Lynn - it is so relaxing! I love it!

Tracy - aww you're so sweet :-) This one is such an easy read and so cute. What's the series you are reading? I'll have to make sure to not add it LOL

Amanda - oh yeah they are a real couple! and so cute together :-)


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