January 31, 2011

The Party Is Picked!

I can now show off the cards I made for asking the girls to be my Bridesmaids, my Maid of Honor, and then a thank you card for my Mom for all that I know she's going to do for the special day!! I've been waiting patiently to post these as I wanted to make sure I gave them out to everyone before showing them off to the blogger world!

Here's a snapshot of them all lined up on my desk.

The cards for the girls. I did three exactly the same for the bridesmaids and then one slightly different one for the Maid of Honor, A.K.A My Seester :-) And yes Pink and Green will be the colors :-)

Here is a close up for the Maid of Honor card!

And a close up of the bridesmaid cards!

I could have swore I took a close up of the one for my Mom but unfortunately I can't find it :-(.
I was so excited about these cards since it helped solify my color choice and because cards are not my specialty. I was on a roll one night and was able to do all of these in one evening. I was so happy and so proud!!

So a huge thank you for saying yes to my Seester, besties JBug and Alycia, and my future sister in law Jenny!! I couldn't be happier to have you girls up there with me :-)


Staci said...

So lovely! TFS!

Yankee said...

it is our HONOR! so excited :o)

Tracy said...

Your cards are beautiful. Love your colours. So fresh and pretty.
How sweet of you to make cards.


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