November 7, 2011

Fabulous Fall is in the Air.....and Our Home!

Well folks the Halloween decorations are down and Fabulous Fall has arrived!!

Yesterday morning, due to the time change, I ended up getting out of bed at 6:30, so what better to do then start packing up Halloween decorations! Then my wonderful honey got out my Fall tub of decorations and you know I got my decorating on!

A few pictures to share!

Our guest bathroom downstairs!

Mr and Mrs Scarecrow! 

Our entryway table! I absolutely love my little leaf bowl that I got at Pier 1 last year! I think I may need to go back this year and see if I can get a few more in a different colors! (Excuse the can of soda, we use it to scare the dogs so they allow people to enter the house before they jump all over them)

Our bookcase! Hopefully the leaves will still be there every night when we get home but we have mischievous kitties and dogs who eat anything on the floor! HAHA! Oh and those pretty flowers are straight from San Francisco! I swear the flowers smell stronger than any we can buy here in town!

And my favorite piece to decorate is ALWAYS our mantel! I cannot even tell you how long I wanted a mantel and still to this day I am so excited to decorate it! It's perfect for garland!

And last but not least our entertainment stand! I went hog crazy with the fall garland this year but it's just so damn pretty :) And our colors for the living room go perfect with fall decorations!
So I'm pretty sure I have a missing box floating around somewhere but it was too cold to be out in the garage digging around! Besides we are almost out of places to decorate in the downstairs so any decorations I come across will get hauled to work!

Anyone else decorate for fall yet??


Alycia said...

So jealous you have semi behaved animals that you can put stuff in their reach and not have to worry!

Super cute, like always. I have my ONE tree candle holder that is way up high on a shelf so mr. twix cannot get to it. I wanted to get a table runner and some other wall hangings, but I haven't been able to find anything.

And I forgot my fall decorations for work at home! Woo is me :o)

.. Is it December yet?

Staci said...

Very festive! TFS! :-)


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