November 10, 2011

Our Amazing Book Club - Year 1

I knew that when my Sister first started our book club back in 2010 that I knew I wanted to scrapbook it! Now how might one scrapbook a book club?

Simple, one our 1 year anniversary I made sure to get a group photo, kept the list of our books for our 2010-2011 year, and kept a magazine advertisement for one (of the many) books we read that were turned into movies!

Then I got to scrappin'

I was so happy to have a picture of our group, since one of our members decided to drop out this year. But we forever have her in our first year of book club! Since I didn't have enough room to post our entire schedule I simply folded it up, created a pocket and voila!

The Help was one of my favorite books from this year, too hard to pick just one, and since 3 of us went to see it in theaters I thought it was only fitting to include the movie advertisement!

I am in love with how this page turned out and I am so excited to have captured our first year (of many years I hope) of Book Club!


Alycia said...

super cute!!! :o)

Staci said...

I love saving the memory! Thanks for sharing.


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