November 20, 2011

It's Kendra!

Calling all fans of the television show "Girls Next Door" and "Kendra"!!! Get your butt to the store, library, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, wherever you get your books and get this one!

It literally took me 2 1/2 days to read this book and not cause it's so easy to read (it is) but because you can't help but want to know the whole story. This woman has lived a far more interesting life than you would ever realize from her time on the tv screen!

I'll admit when I first watched The Girls Next Door, Kendra was not my favorite! Honestly I LOVED absolutely everything about Bridget! As seasons went on of course I started to really like her, how could you not? She's so down to earth and SUPER hilarious!! This book is no exception but you also see where she started and how far she has come. While I'm sure there are many people out there who will never accept her or the life she's lived I don't care. She's proven she's a real person not just the persona created for her on TV. She's been through hard times, made poor choices, but she has also come out of all that and I truly do feel she's always been herself!

Props to Mrs Baskett for sharing her story with everyone and I really hope there is more to come from her! In addition to her stories she includes some photos of her time as a child, in the Playboy Mansion, her and her HUNKY Hubs, as well as her child! And who wouldn't love to see more pictures of this beautiful family? I definitely would!!

Overall grade - an A! I thoroughly enjoyed this autobiography :-)



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