November 9, 2011

Summer Time Blues!

The other night I had one of my best friends come over to hang out and what did we do you might ask??
We scrapbooked!!! Of course we also went shopping before dinner, then ate yummy tacos, and rushed upstairs to get our Scrap On!!

I was able to get two layouts done! Well technically I "finished" this layout and then did a second one!

But for now here's my layout for the local fair we have around here where my Paps and I both entered some photos into the Photography Contests!

So proud of my Paps who earned a first place ribbon!!

And of course we had to include the Funnel Cakes and then Hog Races!

It was so much fun to spend a "date night" with Mom and Paps! And it was so cool to see the ribbons we earned from our photos!


Staci said...

Love the LO! Such fun pictures! :-)


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