February 14, 2011

Investing Time in Yourself

Yesterday I finished reading our February Book Club Book and that was Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert! I'm sure most people know of this book or even the movie but for those who don't, it's a story about Elizabeth Gilbert finding herself after she completely lost herself in life. She goes through a rough divorce, then another failed relationship and then finds herself running off to Italy, India, and Bali to find herself again in the form of delicious food, intense meditation (and prayer) and then learns how to get balance in her life.

I LOVED this book! I was not expecting much even though I was excited to read it. As most of you know I am not big on reading religious books but this one didn't bother me one bit. Maybe it's because it's talking about her experience and I never felt like it was a religion I couldn't be cool with. No that doesn't mean I'll become religious but I must say the yoga and meditation part of her time in India had me extremely interested. I'm not going to lie I'll be taking a yoga class after this. Not that I'm looking for "God" or even looking for what she gets out of meditating but I'm pretty sure that it'd help me control my stress and maybe let me "let go" of some of my control freak tendancies. It all sounds like a good time so Thank You Elizabeth Gilbert for igniting a spark inside me to give Yoga a shot!

Back to the book, while some people may find her extremely whiny I find her to be brave. I think it's extremely courageous (as well as selfish but aren't we all entitled to be selfish in our one life time?) for someone to up and leave her comfort zone to find out what life has to offer. I think it would be amazing to live in these places and experience a life outside of the normal. I will say one of my favorite parts is when she just takes a moment to "realize" that she's in India! I was thinking throughout this entire book how neat it'd be to see Italy, India, and Bali and how I'm sure I'd have many moments where I just go "OMG I'm in (fill in the blank)" and sure enough she had at least one of those moments as well :)

I highly recommend this book to anyone, especially those who loved Julie Powell's books. And I mean BOTH of Julie Powells book. For those who loved Julie/Julia but didn't read Cleaving then steer clear. Cleaving is a whole other side to Julie Powell that most people hated and if they didn't find her whiny and obnoxious in her first book then they would in this one. But to me there is more to it then just whinyness, these woman are brave enough to realize that they are not happy with their lives and they are free enough to let go and take a risk in life! Bravo to Elizabeth Gilbert, I loved your book!!

Now I know some of you have read this book....what did YOU think?


Pieces of Home Designs said...

I've heard mixed reviews on this book, but now you have me intrigued. I too am not into religious novels but may give this one a go!

Anonymous said...

It's on my 'to read' list.

Yankee said...

I LOVED italy and bali.. but was lagging through india.
I totally wish I could drop everything and find myself. But alas- most people don't get those choices!
Glad you enjoyed it :o)

Tracy said...

I have to check out this book.
The theme of the book reminds me of Under the Tuscun Sun, which I loved.
I love books where women find their inner strength.

Casey Wright said...

Ooh! I've been wondering about this one - thanks for the review! Love it!


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