February 24, 2011


Get ready to laugh your fanny off!! I finished Chelsea Handler's book "My Horizontal Life" and it was HILARIOUS!! Granted the entire book is about bad (or maybe she thought they were good) one night stands but if you've ever heard Chelsea Handler open her mouth then you know she's got a particular way about her!!

I absolutely love Chelsea Handler and think she's super funny so it doesn't suprise me that I loved her book. Remember how I said I was sticking to just reading this at the gym?? Well on top of thanking Chelsea Handler for writing such a funny collection of short stories I'd also like to thank her for motivating me to go to the gym. Is it because she's a skinny and I was inspired by her?? Uhhh NOPE! It's because I promised myself I'd only read her book at the gym and I was anxious every morning to get on that treadmill and start reading!! I loved this book and if you like her humor I highly recommend picking it up! She'll have you laughing from start to finish!!

Next up is another book that I have added to my list (and got for free from Amazon on the Kindle): Life From Scratch by Melissa Ford!! And keep your eyes posted tomorrow as I've got another review coming up for the book Always the Baker, Never the Bride!!


Connie said...

I have watched her on her show but have not read the book. Good to know!!!

Lynn said...

i have watched her show and she does have a way with words.

Becky said...

This book was hilarious! I couldn't put it down. Have you ready her other two? They are just as funny if not better!

Cheryl L. said...

I SO love your book reviews! You're one of my inspirations when I write my own!! I've heard the title of this book before, and really wasn't going to read it. However, your review has peaked my interest enough to put on my list this year! That's a GOOD book that will inspire anyone to exercise, lol! I look forward to seeing your reviews for the next two, and thanks for stopping by the blog!

Tracy said...

I think she is so funny. I haven't read any of her books though.
Ok how do you read on the treadmill. I used to put my laptop on there and watch YouTube video's. Tried reading but I walk to fast, teehee.

Bella said...

Thank you for all the comments :) Comments make my day!!

Cheryl - You are so sweet! I just started following yours so I can check out your book reviews :)

Tracy - haha I speed walk but I use my Kindle. I can't read a regular book on the treadmill but with my kindle I only have to click a button to turn the page. I don't think I'm super bouncy when I walk (from years of marching band) so it hasn't been a problem :)

Becky - I have not read the other two! I plan on it though :-) Just watching for Amazon to reduce the price cause I got this one for only $5 :-)

Connie and Lynn - she is just as funny in her book as she is on her show! Love it!


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