February 16, 2011

Closet to Pantry in ONE Day!!!

Remember back in July of last year when I reorganized my kitchen and "pantry"? If not here's a flashback for you!! I spent an entire day cleaning my kitchen out and reorganizing cause I was so tired of food items being spread throughout our downstairs in random spots. Well I guess I wasn't satsified because I finally had it with having to into our laundry area to get out any baking items. I decided the time had come to get rid of our downstairs closet and change it into a pantry. Besides how many coats and jackets do we really need downstairs? It wouldn't kill either one of us to walk our butts upstairs to get a sweatshirt or jacket.

So on a GORGEOUS Saturday I got out of bed determined to put together a pantry that will work! I apologize for not having a Before Picture but just imagine 10 coats hanging in a dark closet with a bookshelf that help misc items! It was not a pretty sight!

First things first I went SHOPPING!! I took some measurements and hopped in the car to head to WalMart! I picked up a new bookshelf that wasn't quite as big, 2 plastic containers with handles for cans or spices, and then a big garment bag to house our coats. Neither of us are fans of walking out the house covered in cat hair and I don't want to delint my jacket every time!

After my successful trip to Walmart I came home and got to work! First I took out the bar from the closet and removed EVERYTHING! Vaccummed it up and then set to work on putting together the bookshelf. Once I got that done I installed this awesome holder. Check it out below...it really is AMAZING!!!

Then I got to organizing!! I took ALL of our baking supplies out from the Laundry room area and was able to neatly put it ALL in the bookshelf YAY!! I was also very excited to put my new wine glasses from Christmas somewhere that's easily accessible and where they won't get dirty. Check out our brand new pantry!!!

We both are so ecstatic and neither of us has minded that we have no big jackets downstairs. It even started raining here and it was easy peasy to pull out our coats! I am excited to have a place for our vacumn as well as our brooms and swiffer! Everything is so much easier to access and our Laundry room feels so bare now! I love it! And I am so excited that I'll be starting to work on my list of home improvements for 2011. Chuck's already crossed off a few items - fix the light switches so they all work YAY!! He replaced our broken doorbell button and installed a new light fixture on the front porch!! I am so excited to be working on the house again!!

Anyone else done any early spring cleaning and organizing?


Lynn said...

very cool. i cleaned out ours when i saw some organization thing on hgtv. sigh. it stil gets so messy - fast.

Tracy said...

This makes me so happy, I can't stand it :)
My kitchen cupboards are like a big black hole, I hate them. I was thinking of making a pantry out of our broom closet.

So nice when everything has a place.

Alyssa said...

Wow! I am inspired to work on mine now.
You go girl!

Bella said...

Thanks everyone!

Alyssa - it was such a weight off my shoulders once I got it done, but it took a long time for me to actually do it LOL. I myself got inspired by another blog!

Lynn - My biggest goal is to keep is neat and organized for as long as possible but thsi closet always tends to turn into a catch all HAHA

Tracy - you totally inspired me to get in there and organize after your post about organizing :-)


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