February 25, 2011

Southern Romance and Cake = A Great Read!

I finished another super cute book!! I never officially added this one to my list since I had gotten it for free one day off Amazon. Being the avid baker that I am I was stoked to read a book about a chick who bakes...who wouldn't be excited about that? With the title Always the Baker, Never the Bride I was a bit concerned that the main character would end up being some whiny baby who wanted to get married. But after Lisa Dorsey commented twice on my book reviews that I must try this one there was no way I was waiting any longer :-)

I am so excited to say that this book was ADORABLE!! I will admit it took me a few chapters to really get into but once I did I couldn't put it down. Fluff Warning! Fluff Warning!! Yes this book is light hearted and a super easy fun read but that just doesn't take away any of it's quality goodness! I loved it and I loved all the characters!! In the book the main character is a SPECTACULAR baker with the right stuff!! She ends up going to work for a "Wedding" Hotel and who'd a thunk it but the sweet girl next door finds herself smack dab in the middle of a love fest!! All those who love baking and love stories MUST read this book!! Even if you save it for a day in the summer laying by the pool, I can gurantee you'll love every minute of it!!

Thanks Lisa for recommending it!!

I am also very happy to say that I have updated my book list over there -------------->

Yes I would say 56 books is extremely overzealous (I think that's the word I'm thinking of) but I'm going to be honest....56 will not be it...it could reach up to 63 books because our book club still needs to chose 6 more books for the year! I am a little intimidated by my list but I'm determined to finish them. Wish me luck cause I will NEED IT!! :-)


Lynn said...

i love to read. have to check out your list.

Connie said...

I don't read enough~I would rather scrapbook~can you do the reading for both of us?

Anonymous said...

Going to add this one to my huge list.

Becky said...

Would an audio book count towards your list or do you actually have to READ it? Lol I could get through a whole list of books if I could listen to them while I got other things done around the house :)

Tracy said...

Love Becky's idea :)
I am so loving your book reviews. I seem to only read during the summer. I go through a lot of good books when we are up at camp. Come On Summer ;)

Sara said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. This looks like a fun read...gonna check it out!

Yankee said...

did it totally make you want to take a trip down south?! i've found that 8 times out of 10 when i read a book that describes the south i always want to plan a trip!

glad you liked it- and if anyone can read that many books, it's you! You're already 7 in!! I am still on numbers 4 and 5, lol. Good luck!!!

Yankee said...

So I realize with the wedding and all you probably won't be able to make it, but I thought I'd let you know anyways:

BlogHer is having their annual event this year in San Diego- all about women in blogging!


NC Peach said...

Another great book review! I'm glad I came by because I've been up in the air on what to read next! Thanks for sharing!


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