March 4, 2011

Ingredients For Life

I've finished another book! YAY! I am so excited to be getting through my list quicker this year than last year! Last year it took me the entire month of January to complete one book and if I remember correctly I may have read one or two in February!

Anywho I just finished reading Life From Scratch by Melissa Ford last night!

This book is about a food blogger!! That is the ONLY reason I chose to read it!! I don't think I would have come across this ever had it not been a free one offered for the Kindle at one point in time! I seriously am scoring with these free Kindle books!

Anywho it's about a woman named Rachel who goes through a divorce and then decides to take time off to teach herself how to cook and blog about it. To be honest this would probably be a book that makes most bloggers dream of having her life, aside from the divorce of course :o)

But without exposing the end if you love blogging and dream of ever making it into a career I'd steer clear. This book might make you a little jealous and bitter! On the other note I absolutely loved it! I love to blog just for fun and yes of course who wouldn't want to wake up and stay in their sweats and blog about their life and get paid...Sure I'd be lying if I said that I'd turn that down, but because the whole point of my blog is to have fun and listen to myself "talk" I really enjoyed this book and was insanely happy for the character.

The character is extremely likeable and honest and I was hoping at every page turn that Rachel was based on a real time in the author's life. Boy was I let down when I found out the fictional book I've been reading turned out to really be fictional. I know it seems silly to be let down by that but I was so hoping this was book similar to Julia and Julia or Eat, Pray Love. I wanted to so bad for the main character to be real and be based on a real person's life that when reality hit me at the end of the book and the author thanked all these people in her life who she makes a point of saying are nothing like the peope in the book, I got a little bitter. It left a bad taste in my mouth because I couldn't believe Rachel and her friends and family vanished into thin air!

That being said I still recommend this book to everyone who blogs! It's really cute and like I said the characters are so likeable, even the ones you don't really care for turn out to be okay. It's a light read with gut wrenching emotion and honesty! I give it an A+!

P.S. Check out Melissa Ford's blog here.


Yankee said...

could you slow down with reading?! you're kicking my butt and making me feel bad! lol :o)

Tracy said...

I agree with Yankee, lol.
If this book made you feel like it did at the end...then it was a good one.


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