March 16, 2011

It's All About Survival!

Last night I finished another book off my list YAY!! And I have to say that when my sister recommended this book I didn't really ask what it was about and just put it on the list. Then at our most recent Book Club meeting she started describing what the book was about and I'll be honest it sounded HORRIBLE!! But knowing my Sister she wouldn't have recommended a book to me unless she was pretty sure I'd like it!
And a bonus was I scored this book for only $5 on awhile back. I read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins!

There is honestly no way to describe this book without it sounding like a weird, brutal, horrible book!! I really have no way to make it sound as wonderful as it is but here goes:
The book takes place in the future and boy has the world changed! To put it as nice as possible it SUCKS!! The "Capitol" has taken over and has divided the population up into 12 Districts! 1 being the best District to be in (other than the Capitol) and 12 being the worst! Apparently there was a 13th but it no longer exists!
Every year the Capitol holds what is called the Hunger Games and every year 2 people from each District (Male and Female) have to go to the Hunger Games. And just what are these Hunger Games you might ask? They are a savage creation created by the Capitol to keep all the Districts in check. The KIDS picked from each District (oh yes they are kids) are thrown into this elaborately made arena and they must kill each other. Only one person can survive and yes the payoff for that person is riches and their District gets rewarded as well but in order to win you have to kill! It's pretty brutal right? You have no idea!

While there is more to the book I won't give anymore to you :-) I highly recommend everyone read this series, oh yes it's a series and you better believe that I started book #2 last night immediatly after I finished book #1. This book, despite how horrible the main "plot" sounds is really truly amazingly well written and you can't help but love the characters for their strength, passion, and love of their families! Suzanne Collins you get an A++ from me for this one, now I hope you don't disappoint with the next two :)

Oh and I know I said I was reading Moneyball next, obviously that didn't happen and I'm actually sending it back to the Library. I just can't seem to get into it and I have to finish this series now :-) But I am still determined to read it so I'll be waiting until we get into baseball season and give it another shot!


Tracy said...

My daughter and I went together in purchasing this series.
She read it and said it was really good. I haven't had a chance to read it though.


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