March 29, 2011

2 Year Anniversay Celebrations

Over the weekend I SCRAPBOOKED A LOT!! I was able to scrapbook on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and it was SO NICE!! One of the layouts I finished was pictures from our 2009 2 Year Anniversary!

I started with an awesome Storyteller's Pack and then let the creative juices start flowing!

You'll have to excuse my appearance in the pictures. I was actually really sick for this anniversary but we still wanted to celebrate. My honey even made us a special Anniversary cake!

And of course we did gifts, Chuck a new statue and me a photo frame I'd been eyeing for weeks :-)

It was so much fun working with PINK!!


Steph said...

Very pretty! I love the pink and the tags.

Mary Pat Siehl said...

very cute 2 pager

Tracy said...

Such a sweet page. Love all the pink. So sweet of hubby to make a cake :)


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