March 31, 2011

No Bones About It

2 years ago when Mom and I went to the Scrapbook Expo we took a class by the AMAZING Boxer Scrapbooks! Well over the weekend I finally finished the Album we started to make in that class! Yeah I realize I said 2 YEARS AGO!!

I just was never motivated to sit there and "shave" off the excess paper that overlapped the chipboard album part but lo and behold it is now completed and I think it's FREAKIN ADORABLE!! Of course I'm biased and think my dogs are the cutest things in the world but hey doesn't everyone think that about their own?

So here's my bone album dedicated to my furbabes Buster and Roxy!

The quote on the top says "A House is not a Home without a Dog"

My Roxy when we first got here. And nope that's not a white spot on her, it's a really bad glare from the flash. It's amazing how black and little she was when we got her cause now she's salt and pepper (she's only 2 1/2).

You can kind of see her fur has changed in this one. I just love how she puts her one ear up, it's like she's trying to listen more intently when I talk to her :-)

And here's puppy Buster! He was such a fat roly poly when we got him and I miss him being so little. He'll be four this year and it's so sad! I miss my little puppy!!

Nap Time!! They love to sleep together!

My babies are so sweet when they sleep! I need to remember to look at this whenever they start getting rowdy! haha!

Like I said they LOVE to sleep with each other. This picture makes me smile cause Buster is so tolerant of Roxy. Here he is trying to cuddle her and of course she has to sleep with her paw over his face! I guess she was trying to keep out the light LOL!! 

And here's out Buster Roo as a big dog! He grew too fast for me and I miss being able to pick him up and cuddle him! He was such a Mama's boy when he was a pup, when we first got him we took him to get some stuff at Petsmart and stopped by the video store. I had to hold him the ENTIRE time, even when I gave him to Chuck to hold he whined like crazy. It was really funny!!

This one is from when he was first starting to get bigger. It's his "in between" stage!

And because I loved this entire set of pictures of them sleeping I had to end the album with this picture! They are just so darn cute!! The quote on this page says "A Dog is Man's Best Friend and Vice Versa"

I was really happy to finish this album not only cause I got to throw out the big bag holding all the class contents but I also finished another cute album that can be on display! All my big albums stay in my scrapbook room but this one will be going out :-)

Next up is to finish the album we started in my class last year at the Expo and then of course finishing my layout from this years class. Although that one will be easy peasy just need to get pics developed!!


Mary Pat Siehl said...

what a fun mini album! don't you just love dogs!

Helena said...

Super cute!

Alyssa said...

Aw, that album and your pups are so cute! Love them!

Lynn said...

totally adorable album!

Connie said...

super cute!!

Pam said...

I love your puppy album! How cute! I have got to make one of those for my now grown furbaby. TFS!

Tracy said...

Oh my goodness this mini is adorable.
2 years to finish a mini.....I thought I was a procrastinator, I may have to pass the torch, lol.

Yankee said...

LOVE this :o)

Wanna make one for twix?! :op In the shape of a fish!


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