March 24, 2011


Since these turned out so cute and so delish I just had to share a picture!! It was one of my coworkers 1st year anniversary at our company so we decided to celebrate! Me being the official office baker I was happy to whip up some of these yummy cupcakes!!

I just used a Butter Yellow Cake Recipe (out of a box) and then Milk Chocolate Frosting!! I added the little pink dots on the top to add some color!

And because I've been doing really well with my healthy lifestyle I only ate ONE of these cupcakes!! ONLY ONE!! To avoid eating more I didn't bring any home and I took the remaining four that didn't fit in my carrier down to my Mom's house for them to have as a dessert!!

I have decided though that I LOVE cupcakes so much more than cake. I know it's not a big difference but they are just the perfect size dessert and easier to pawn off on other people :-)



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