March 30, 2011


Last week we met for our Monthly Book Club and the book we discussed was The Help, (check out my review here). And since this was the first month that I hosted that I knew I could incorporate the book into the food I was STOKED!! I immediately started looking up recipes for Minnie's Infamous Caramel Cake.

And I found the most perfect recipe from Alpaca Farm Girl's blog. It's SO EASY too!!! Just the way I like things in my life - Amazingly Tasty and Easy!!

To make the cake part you only need: Vanilla Extract, Boxed white cake mix, whole milk, eggs, and butter.

Mix it all together really good!

Pour into your cake pans, that have of course been sprayed with Baking Spray and then lightly dusted with flour.

Then pop those babies into the oven at 350 degrees for 28 minutes!

I let the cake cool over night so that the frosting didn't melt over the top! But I was SO EXCITED to whip up the frosting the next evening, before the ladies arrived of course!

You need: whole milk, vanilla extract, light AND dark brown sugar, butter, and powdered sugar.

First melt your brown sugars and butter in a saucepan over medium heat!

Once those are melted you add in the milk. Remove from heat and then mix in your vanilla and powdered sugar!

And you end up with this drippy looking frosting. Yes it will be dripping but have no fear it dries wonderfully!!

Then just get to frosting. This had to be one of the funnest ways to frost a cake because you just put it on when the frosting is warm and drippy and let it coat your cake! I just kept adding to the top and letting the frosting ooze down the sides. In order to keep it mess free I put aluminum foil underneath all the "sides" of the cake and then when the frosting dried I removed the foil and VOILA -

Isn't she so pretty? Yet another food item I'd love to have as a wall color in my house :-) This cake was so easy to make and so easy to frost. Now I was just hoping it was delicious!

Of course it was delicious people! I mean come on I made it, how can it go wrong?? HAHA Just kidding I've had plenty of bad food experiences but O-M-G this was NOT one of them! This cake was AMAZING!! And I'm not a huge caramel lover but I could've eaten the entire thing!!

This is all we had left after each of us (total of 7 including Chuck) had a slice and then I had to send some home with everyone :-) I am dead serious that was all that was left of the cake Thursday after the book club ladies had departed.

Oh YUM!! Excuse the slice of bread but check that out! It makes my mouth water right now, in fact I wish I could go home and whip up another one but I know it's probably super unhealthy!!

Thanks to Alpaca Girl for providing me with such an AMAZING recipe for what I'm sure is what Minnie made in The Help. For those of you who've read the book YOU MUST MAKE THIS CAKE, for those of you who have not read the YOU MUST READ THE BOOK AND MAKE THIS CAKE!!



Yankee said...

ooo mmm geee! that looks GOOD!

when are you going to come to your senses and open a bakery?

Mary Pat Siehl said...


Bella said...

Alycia - I'll def make it for you and Brian :) And I would LOVE to open a bakery haha, but I doubt my food is that good!!

Thanks Mary!! It was a double YUM!!

Yankee said...

it IS that good. PLUS you LOVE it. :o)

You are totally julia from julia's chocolates- except w/o all the drama haha :o)ders


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