March 30, 2011

Diary of a Mad Bride!

Another book down YAY!! Last night I finished reading Diary of a Mad Bride by Laura Wolf! It was so nice to just relax and read as I've been busy crafting lately. Last night I settled into the mancave with my honey and while he played video games I got my read on!

This book was pretty amusing. It was also a super easy read which made it easy to get it read while on lunch and before bed most nights. It's written in complete diary format which is also a little odd to me and I'm never sure how I really feel about it. On one hand it's cute but on the other I like a little bit more scene setting rather than just this is what happened today.

But anywho, aside from the diary format the book was alright. The "author" of the diary is Amy and she gets engaged and then starts planning her wedding! Yes such a great deep and meaningful topic but hey how often will I have an excuse to submerse myself into reading wedding related books? I'm hoping just this once if all goes the way I want it to :-) So I'm taking advantage and boy oh boy am I so happy I'm not like this woman. Not only do I refuse to let my wedding take over my life I also don't ever want to be a crazy psycho! Yes in the end Amy is totally likable but throughout the book I'm just like holy crap lady what's your problem? It really is just one day out of your entire life and there is absolutely no need to freak out over almost everything.

I guess the part that really turned the book from cute and funny to meh (A.K.A Alright) was when she started complaining that her parents were not giving them that much money and that she felt her grooms family should contribute more but they only contribute the same as her parents. First of all - she's 30 (or 32 I can't quite remember) and second of all she should just be happy they are willing to contribute anything. I mean seriously this chick pissed me off! She should be grateful for what she's getting (which by the way between her parents and his was $10,000) and she's 30 shouldn't her and her older fiancee have some money saved to contribute as well. But no they don't and they aren't willing to apparently figure out any way to save. I just was annoyed by that whole thing and the book went downhill.

If you can put up with a whiny bride who thinks she's entitled to everything without having to do the work then yes you might enjoy this book, but like I said it's alright. A part of me feels I wasted a good slot on my book list for something that just got me annoyed but then they all can't be winners right? My final grade a C-!

POST PUBLISH EDIT - This damn book wasn't even on my the heck did I do that?  


Staci said...

May have to check this one out!

Anonymous said...

Aww...I was hoping you'd like it a bit more! lol. But at least you won't be as bad as she was. I did read this years ago so maybe it was better when I was younger. lol


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