March 28, 2011

Birthday Bash!!

It's BIRTHDAY TIME!! No not really but I was pretty excited to finish up the layouts for my birthday BBQ at my parents last year! Remember the croquet layout? Yup these are all from the same day! But these are ALL ABOUT ME!!

Since I knew I wanted to do something with some cute BBQ stickers and I knew they wouldn't work for my gift pictures I figured what the heck, use the same background paper and solid colors and then have fun! That's exactly what I did, no matchy matchy for me this time!

I just LOVE this page! Not only did I get to use fun paper and a nice picture of my Paps but I also got use AWESOME BBQ stickers! I found these a long time ago and I've been dying to use them!

And then I wanted to do more girly for pictures of me opening gifts! I got these little embellishments from some random pack of cut outs! I love them!

The final piece to a birthday layout is of course the Cake!! I found some awesome funfetti paper awhile back and since my Mom knows how much I love funfetti we of course had a funfetti cake for my birthday! Hello perfect opportunity to use some funfetti paper!!

Beautiful cake right? I know my mouth was salivating the whole time I was working on this layout!

In case you didn't notice (I'm sure you did) this layout is not a Storyteller's pack, it's just my own creativity with my limited supply of birthday embellishments! But because I had to get creative what did I turn to? My cricut of course! I used the DoodleCharms cartridge to create the party hats and then used Star brads as the toppers!

Can you tell that I love pink, green, and yellow! I think for my next birthday layout I'll need to be brave and try new colors!! :-)


Tracy said...

What fun layouts :)
Yes that cake layout has me wanting some birthday cake with sugar icing...yumm.
I see your coluzzel at work :)


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