March 7, 2011


You must get your butt to your nearest book store to pick up this book. I wouldn't wait on your library either as I'm sure it's got holds up the yin yang for this book, I know ours does.

Over the weekend or should I say Friday and Saturday I finished the book The Help by Kathryn Stockett (it's our book club book for March) and it was AMAZING!!!!

The story takes place in Jackson, Mississippi in the sixties and it's about the lives of the colored maids, along with one white girl who believes things need to change. Let me first say that it was extremely hard to remember that this story takes place in the 60s because of the very clear division of race. While the maids were paid they still were treated extremely poorly. Because I didn't grow up in a time where race was so divided I cannot ever fully understand why people would act the way they did, but to know that this happened during a time where my own parents were alive is beyond me. I cannot believe that it was still so shitty down there. I know it was not like this throughout the country but to know it was still going on just shocks me. Aside from trying to remember the time that it takes place this book was excellent.

It was a pretty easy read but the way it was written keeps you wanting to read. The author gives you the story from three different characters view and as any good author will do she leaves you wanting more the minute she ends one persons section and starts another, forcing you to power through the next 50 pages to get back to where you were itching to know what was going to happen. Even though I say "power" through the next 50 pages don't take it as it was a struggle, because the author doesn't make any chapter or section boring. This book moves at a great pace and I never found myself feeling like the book was dragging.

I highly recommend this book and I give this book an A++++! Great Job on your first book Kathryn Stockett, I look forward to whatever else you publish!!


Tracy said...

This sounds like one I really want to read.

Alyssa said...

I reallllly loved this book too!!!


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