March 9, 2011

Friday Night Special

A couple weeks ago I decided to spend an entire friday night reorganizing my pictures! First things first I printed out a bunch of new photo sheets at work and labeled each of them by year!

Then I headed home and created this disaster area:

And then started filling in those sheets I printed out at work! I had originally filled out sheets of these awhile ago but never organized them by date. So I went through and created a sheet for 2007 and earlier, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and of course on for all the pets pictures.

Next I divided up the four new photo boxes I got. And then cut out dividers and started labeling and filing away! This felt so good because I was able to see all the pictures I have left to scrapbook. Which just so happens to be A LOT!! But suprisingly I wasn't intimidated it was more motivating!

And check out the disaster area 3 hours later!! Not a single piece of paper out of place, not a single photo left behind :) I was so excited to get everything boxed up and in order!

The only thing I messed up was that I didn't have a box for my 2011 pictures LOL! Guess I'll have to go back to Beverly's and pick up one more box!

I was so excited to get my photo's organize and now I am very excited to create a goals list for what I want to make sure I scrapbook in 2011!! I am hoping to get one entire year done but we shall see. So on top of organizing my pictures I also uploaded every single picture I needed to still get developed to Costco and that's right folks I developed them all!!! In total it was about 1900 pictures YIKES!! Yup it's gonna cost us a pretty penny but having all my 2007 - 2010 pictures developed and ready to scrapbook for this year is priceless! It will make it so much easier to meet my goals list whatever it might end up being!

Anyone else done a reorganzing with their pictures? Anyone have any 2011 scrapbooking goals?


Staci said...

2011 scrap goals? Scrap some stuff. I have only done a few LOs this year and haven't taken any more pics. I'll have to make a list of LOs I want to do.
I was checking out your book list and put a few titles in my virtual shopping cart. :-)

Tracy said...

I organized my photo's a year or so ago.
So fulfulling to have that done, isn't it :)


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