March 24, 2011

Stars & Stripes!

Since I got super inspired to scrapbook again after going to the Expo I decided to spend some quality time in my room on Sunday! Needing to break away from working soley on my best friends Wedding Album I decided to break out some cute little pages that I got from the awesome Storytellers Club to see if those helped me get my scrapbook groove back!

And yes Kendall got her groove back! I was able to complete a 4 page layout of our 4th of July pictures from last year when we went out to see my parents! Excuse the mess in the pictures as I didn't feel like cleaning my scrapbooking table before taking pictures..

I just love that Storyteller's gives you some paper and the embellishments so you can either take their idea for their layout or you can create your own! I'm not usually a fan of kits but I do love how these turned out and I was able to alter them to how I want them :-)

These are pictures of Chuck and I playing Ladder Ball!

The second 2 page layout! I used just plain background paper on this one as I didn't have enough of the pattern paper from Storyteller's, these were a basic kit but the deluxe kit gives you more paper!

I really loved the embellishment down at the bottom cause I was able to add each couple's names! YAY!
I still think I want to add a little something to the red stripe at the top but I'm just not sure what! For now I can check this one off my list of layouts to do!!

It's obvious I slacked on my 2011 Scrapbooking goal for the past few months but I'm okay with that as I'm making up for it now, stay tuned for my Birthday BBQ layout and my Easter Layout!!


Tracy said...

Nice job getting so many layouts complete. You are way ahead of me

Lynn said...

very cute. 4 pager!! i have enough trouble with 2 lol!!

Scrappington said...

That is a lot of work.
Great colour choices and elements.
Nice work

Kathy said...

Great layouts! I love the polka dot paper. What is ladder ball? Never heard of it but it looks fun!

Bella said...

Thanks Everyone! I was very happy with how they turned out!

Kathy - Ladder Ball is so much fun! It's a game where there are two "stands" that have 3 different levels, a top, a middle and a bottom and then you take this piece of rope with two balls on it and try and get it to wrap around or hang on one of the bars (levels) and you get different points for each level! Sounds easy but it's pretty hard lol! So much fun, I think you can buy it at Target!


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