July 25, 2010

Summer Cleaning!

While Saturday was a near perfect day, I scrapbooked all day and finished up a book I was reading, Sunday I decided to get at least one thing done on my to do list. And that one thing was cleaning out our pantries and cupboards! Yes you saw that right...plural on the pantries. Our condo does not have much cupboard space for us and we are just dying without a real pantry! My big plan was to rearrange our cupboards and use only one of our extra "pantry" spaces. Now these spaces are literally a organizer hung over the back of our downstairs closet and on the shelves in our laundry room! I hate it!!

I first took everything out of our cupboards and our "pantries"....Our dining room table was COVERED in food items!

Then I took out everything from the cupboards in the kitchen....

With no room left on the table all of my baking items were left on our counters!

Then I got to organizing. I first decided how I wanted food arranged....and now check out our beautifully organized cupboards. And I am happy to say most of the food items are actually in the kitchen now WOO HOO!!
This is our breakfast items and lunch items/snack items cupboard! Yes that's a bottle of wine...it may not belong but I was planning on drinking it that night!
This is the boxed food items and our drinks cupboard! A little random but we needed a separate space for our coffee and teas :-)

And of course I couldn't fit everything into our kitchen so I decided ALL baking items were to go in the laundry room :-( I really wish we had a better place and eventually we will (in our next house) but this works for now. It makes sense to put all the baking stuff in one spot and then I am happy to say the rest of the items all are now residing in our kitchen where they belong!

And after...doesn't my kitchen look pretty? I was so happy to get it all cleaned up after making a mess...

And of course now we could see our dining room table again LOL!

I was so ready to relax after reorganizing and cleaning....so what did I do? I sat down and watched Leap Year and cuddled with the puppies...then after the movie I read Wicked for a bit. Overall I had a great weekend.....probably because I didn't leave the house once (Aside from taking the dogs out) and I got to scrapbook, read, and organize...3 of my favorite things :-) I hope everyone else had a GREAT WEEKEND!


Tracy said...

Ohhh organization one of my favorite things to do. Looks wonderful. I understand the not enough cupboards thing. Our bottom cupboards are just deep holes LOL. My daughters used to play hide and seek in them.

Amanda said...

Come and organize my house! lol.

I like the idea of being organized but never can achieve what I vision.

How did you make your reading list on the side? I can't do the 'strike through' thing on my blog for some reason.

Bella said...

Amanda - I would love to come organize...I love to clean and keep things neat...:-)
As for my book list on the side. It's an HTML code that I created...do you know HTML?

Amanda said...

I know where that link thing is but I don't know how to do html. I have had to google everything lol


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