July 8, 2010

It's Here....It's FINALLY HERE!!

For 2 years we have been putting off buying a mantel because it's so expensive. A few weeks ago we came across a cheaper way of handling out situation and yesterday it ARRIVED!!

You can see what we've been dealing with...technically those silver pieces were not always there, we tried another option and I couldn't get it to work with our wall, turns out our wall was the problem and not the installers problem...anywho....it was ugly without anything!
Here's my honey getting ready to install our new mantel shelf!

Look at the beauty! She's the perfect size all the way around! And the white matches our baseboards and trim perfectly...Not that matching white with white is hard!

Ahhhh....all finished! I finally had a shelf above the fireplace to decorate! I was so stoked! I promptly moved the excessive candle holders from the tv stand to the shelf and added a few more simple ones!

Doesn't it just look great! We still need to put the trim right underneath it to hide the cable wire and also along the sides but this just readjusts the focus of the room. We no longer have the focus solely on the TV wall, it's not evenly spread through out our living room!

Here's a shot of our whole living room. Excuse the fan, it only resides in the house during summer season! Doesn't it just look awesome. I wish I had pictures from when we first moved in to now because it's a HUGE improvement. We finally feel like we've turned our house into our HOME!

I couldn't be happier with our living room. It's only 2 steps away from being complete! Our living room and dining room are the main parts of the house, aside from the kitchen which let me tell you someone else will be doing the work on that while we just pay the bill....but being the main parts we wanted them cozy and comfy with our own style thrown in. Since I moved out of my parents house I now feel like I've created the home I've always wanted...


Marcie said...

The new mantel looks awesome!


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