July 22, 2010

Appliances Made My Day

Last night Chuck and I went to our local Best Buy. We were looking for any new electronics? No we were buying new APPLIANCES! And to be honest it was the highlight of my week so far! I can't tell you how excited I was to get off work and go get our new VACUMN and TOASTER!! Oh yes I was EXCITED!!

We'd finally killed the hand me down vacumn my parents had given us and decided we needed to get a pet specific one. Even though we now have all of our floors done I still wanted something that was designed specifically for picking up pet hair and eliminating pet odor. Now I can sit here and say all I want that our house doesn't smell like pets, truth of the matter I'm sure to an outsider our place probably does. I'm not talking a nasty stench but we do have 4 pets and even though we have amazing plug ins at times our house probably smells of dogs!

Here are our new housemates: A Beautiful Oster 2-Slice Toaster and a Eureka Pet Expert Vacumn! Aren't they lovely?

Now let me fill you in on why we needed a new toaster. We'd been suffering the past few years with an old toaster I had. I bought it in a package which came with the toaster, electric can opener, and coffee maker. Needless to say the toaster was the only survivor member of the trio. And it was a PITA!! (Pain in the ass) You could only toast 2 slices of bread and maybe an hour later toast another 2. And you had to really push the handle down and pray to the toaster gods that it would stay down! Half the time the toast was never really toasted but because it was stubborn you couldn't re-toast it. UGH!! The saddest part is Chuck and I hardly ever remembered to pick one up while we were out and about at Target, Walmart, KMart, etc.

But the day finally came and we picked up this cute little thing last night! Bonus - only $20 WOOHOO!
Of course we had to take it out of the box immediatly. Notice - the vacumn stayed in the box LOL, Guess I'll be trying that out this weekend!

And of course we had to try it out. Even though Chuck was making dinner (the wonderful recipe: Tex Mex Meatball Pie) we just had to try out the new toaster!

Oh did I forget to mention that it has settings. Oh yes real settings, Toast, Bagel and Frozen! I was so excited that it had a bagel setting cause that meant my bagels would fit no problem YAY!

Toasted to perfection! We were in love!

Farewell Old Toaster....You will not be missed!

Anyone else ever get super excited over household appliances??



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