July 12, 2010

1st Book Club Book!

I have officially read our first book club book and I am so excited to discuss it next week at our meeting! Have I told you all that I've joined a book club? Well I have. My Sister and Mom decided to start one and I was so happy to join. Right now there are 6 (possibly 7) of us that are in it :-)

Our first book, for the month of July, was The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield! Lucky for me this was also on my 2010 reading list, which I hate to admit but I will not fulfill now with this book club going on. There is no way, but have no fear I am not giving up on those books. My plan to read my book club book and at least one off my reading list each month! Wish me luck as some of our book club books are LONG!

I digress...


I was so happy with this book. It started a little dry but it was so out of my normal book choices and I was hooked. I spent all day yesterday finishing it...which meant I read over half the book! And I just couldn't put it down. I took one break to chat with my sister via telephone for about an hour, which I decided to make lunch as to not take more time away from my precious novel :-) And it was such a great story. I highly recommend this book and in fact I'd give it 5 stars! My only recommendation is to read it during gray, cold, wintry weather. It's a perfect book for a rainy day and trust me while reading this you will be enticed to make a cup of hot cocoa or some tea!

Run out and buy this one, or at the very least add it to your must reads!


Tracy said...

Ohhh more books to put on my list :)
My goal is to read a book a month, so far I am past my goal. Good for you for reading 2 a month.


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