July 7, 2010

Swirls Gone Good!

Remember back when I tried Hungry Girls Cheesecake Swirled Brownies and well they turned out HORIBBLY!

No fear I've found a new recipe....and no this is not a healthy one, this one is full of SUGAR!

So grab your butter, flour, sugar, eggs, ricotta cheese, and cocoa!

Melt that beautiful butter in a sauce pan!
While that's melting combine your ricotta cheese and one egg.

Once your butter is melted quickly add in sugar and baking cocoa.

Ooohhh look at the ricotta and egg mixture...looking dreamy creamy!
Add two eggs into your other mixture!

And finally the flour!

Stir until smooth and then spread into an 11 x 7 pan (not sure this was the right size but it worked)
And plop the creamy mixture in "Balls" on top of your chocolate mix.

Take the end of a knife and go swirl crazy!

Pop into your oven and 45 minutes later check it out:

Yum...as described by a coworker they actually kind of look like fudge...but no mistaken that they are brownies once you bit into their yummy goodness!

And the hint of cheesecake is not overpowered which allows the chocolate to come through! I love both cheesecake and chocolate so I was ecstatic that these turned out so well...

Any one interested in the recipe just let me know :-) Enjoy!



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