July 7, 2010

Vanilla Stole My Heart

Don't you just love work holidays? I sure do! It gives me an opportunity to sleep in with my honey, watch a movie in bed, enjoy a cup of coffee and then start doing what I do best: BAKING!! Monday was the perfect day for me to make a mess in our kitchen because
A. I didn't have to work
B. Chuck went to work at 1
C. The weather finally cooled down!

I pulled out a cookbook we bought titled: I <3 Sugar...yes it really is a heart! Flipped through a few pages and picked out 3 recipes! The first one I tried was Vanilla Hearts! Super easy and hardly any ingredients needed.

Grab your flour, sugar, butter, and vanilla and get started!

Mix together the dry ingredients first then add butter and vanilla until it forms a nice dough.
Roll it out and start punching out some hearts! Wouldnt these just be perfect for Love day with some red food coloring..oh yes I made a mental note on that one!

Pop them in the oven...

And TADA! They look super yummy right?? Yes they might have been had I not baked them too long. Looks are deceiving on these little babies and I baked them probably 2-5 minutes too long. But I can tell you they taste delicious after dunked in some milk :-)

I can't wait to make them again and enjoy them fresh out of the oven at just the right time. Enjoy!



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