July 22, 2010


Remember when you were younger and they gave out awards for school achievements and sports? .......What happened? Just because you grow up you aren't supposed to get awards? I know I know some people grow up and win many awards as an adult...I am not one of those people!

So I was so EXCITED to get another award for my blog! Looks like my rambling thoughts and randomness of topics is liked :-) Thank you to Amanda over at I Am Panda for giving me this award!

BTW I love the color of the award! Green is the best!
Now they are always rules to these awards and I promise to abide by those:
The requirements after winning the award are to list 7 things about myself
& then pass the award on to some new blogs that I've discovered.
First 7 Things About Little Old Me:
1. I am obssessed with school supplies. I love when stores put out back to school items and I usually spend about $50 a year on school supplies when I have no need or reason.
2. I love baking and cooking...you probably couldn't tell by my blog (*insert sarcasm*)
3. Washing dishes by hand is theraputic for me....so is vacumning!
4. If I could afford it I would love to buy fresh flowers every single week and have at least 3 bouqets of them at home and one at the office...I need to find a florist to make my best friend haha!
5. My pets are my kids. Roxy is the perfect little princess (yeah right), Buster is my big protector, and Belle & Jasmine (our kitties) are just house decorations LOL. They just have to look pretty and be soft!
6. I have discovered a love for refinishing furniture. It really does bring me joy. I will be sad when I finish our dining room table because I'll be out of furniture to refinish :-(
7. I would die if I couldn't ever do arts and crafts or scrapbooking ever again. I find myself to be the happiest when I am hanging out in my scrapbook room and working on a layout, sewing, or creating something fun and new!
Now onto the best part of this award, recognizing other awesome blogs! Now I don't have any that I've discovered recently but I do have some AMAZING blogs that I love:
1. Tara over at : We Do Not Remember Days, We Remember Moments Maybe it's because we are about the same age and enjoy the same things but I just love her blog. You get to see her show off all her craftiness but you also see how much she loves her family. And her and her hubby are starting off on a new journey, Parenthood!!
2. This is actually a newly discovered blog and I can't get enough of it. Maggie over at Cookie 365 is so inspiring. I always want to go home and make cookies after I read a new post but what recipe to try? She has amazing and different recipes for cookies that will make you drool.
3. And because I have to give a shout out to an amazing blog about my home "county"...Kristofor and Laura over at We Love Sonoma County do an amzing job of highlighting all the neat things to do in our area. It's a nice reminder for me because we plan on moving out of state in a few years.
There you have it folks! Now go check out all the amazing blogs I follow! All of them deserve an award, otherwise why would I be following them ;-)


Amanda said...

Oooh, those blogs look fun! Thanks for sharing :)

Kristofor and Laura Graber said...

Thanks for the compliment, I like your blog too!

Maggie said...

Thank you so much for your lovely compliments and award! It's nice to see that someone is enjoying my cookie insanity. I will be posting a big thank you to you this week for spreading the Cookie 365 word!

...Tara... said...

Aww thanks so much :) Sorry it took so long I didn’t even realize I got this and I don’t know how I missed your post!!! I have been in such a slump lately and now I want to blog and I have sooo much to catch up on haha. Thanks girl :)


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