July 7, 2010

Kraft + McCormick!

Last week I tried a new recipe! YAY! I made what's called an Easy Layered Taco Bake...A.K.A The simplest thing in the world!

Here's what you need: Kraft Mac N Cheese ( or a knock off brand will do), Taco Seasoning, Water, and Ground Beef!

Cook the Mac N Cheese dinner, and brown the ground beef with water and taco seasoning!
Layer in an 8x8 pan..

Ooooo YUM! I love Kraft Mac N Cheese! Unfortunately my Paps and Sister make the best and I'm never full satsified..but that's a whole 'nother story :-)

Pop it in the oven...And voila....You've got yourself what I'd like to describe as a Cheesy Taco Spiced Hamburger Helper! Super easy and I can gurantee it's kid friendly!

Need something quick and easy make sure to have the ingredients on hand and whip this up! It's a crowd pleaser, and as for sides...Green beans and cornbread would be great additions! Enjoy!



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