July 8, 2010

For Now...

Chuck and I decided to take a trip to our local Wal-Mart to blow some hard earned cash on a few new decorations for the house. Some things I'd been putting off buying until we got our new dining room table.

The first thing on the list was a new table cloth to cover the table until I got it all refinished...although we both like it so much that it may stay even after the table is completed.
The next piece was the table cloths...we decided now to remove 2 of them and 2 of the chairs until we need them because it looks a a little cramped now and realistically we don't need all 6 settings on a regular basis...I was also dying to get a centerpiece for the table. And since you can never have too many candles we decided on a simple round "Bowl" with some sand and shells and three multi-height candles! Yes I said "We" Chuck just loved the idea!

And of course over the weekend I got to work in the garage and started refinishing. These chairs will take awhile because of the detail but I made some good headway before my neighbor/friend Andrea stopped by to chat :-)
I am hoping to get back out in the garage a few nights next week to work on this. I won't have time this weekend because...............Mom and I are going to a scrapbook crop on Saturday WOO HOO! I am so excited for this. I actually won a first spot through a facebook drawing so it's a sweet deal for me! I just hope we have as much fun as we do at our other annual crop!



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