July 8, 2010

It's D-U-N

Some could say I am a Happy Girl, but I would describe myself as an ECSTATIC Girl these days! Chuck finally had two days off in a row and he spent one of those day putting in the new floors in my scrapbook room! YAY! Do you know what this means??? ALL THE FLOORS IN THE HOUSE ARE NOW UPDATED!! We had to leave carpet in one area but all the rooms are now the way we wanted them! WOO HOO!! And we have enough leftover to put some in the laundry room when I redo that WOO HOO!!

Just look at how nice they look....and this should help with the heat upstairs meaning I should be able to scrapbook more often during the summer! YAY!
My honey did such a great job and I was so excited to come home. To make it even better he also moved all my furniture back in for me! What a great guy!!!
I am super excited to say almost all of our home improvements for 2010 are coming to a close and the house is almost exactly how we want it! Aside from bigger projects that are waiting on funds...we are going to have all the other projects done by end of year! I am so excited to have our home finished after just 2 years of living here...plus that also means I get to start working on my friend Alycia's condo! I just love home improvements!


...Tara... said...

The floors look awesome!! We want to do two of our upstairs bedroom floors with that also!!! It turned out so great!

Yankee said...

I am sooo excited!! You are so creative :o)


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