January 26, 2012

Fight to the Finish!

I just finished another fabulous book by Mary Kay Andrews called Deep Dish! And of course Ms. Andrews does not disappoint!

This book was true Mary Kay Andrews style and took place in, of course, the South!! It focuses on two local tv chefs, Gina and Tate, who end up in a tough competition against each other for their own big network show.

Of course theirs romance because its Mary Kay Andrews, but it's also filled with foooooooddddd!! Good ol' southern food!! Which now that I think about it, her books always have food as a focus and of course she includes recipes in the back.

This book was super cute, very typical of her style of writing, and of course predictable! But it's fun and cute and totally worth reading. It really would be a great beach or pool book to read as it takes place in the middle of summer in the south!!

Overall grade B+, not my favorite book and I couldn't connect with the characters at all but I still really really enjoyed it!!



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