January 5, 2012

Nothing Like A Nicholas Sparks Novel to Start the Year Off

Even though I just posted my 2012 Book List don't think I hadn't already started reading from day one :)

I just finished reading Dear John by Nicholas Sparks and if you are a fan of Nicholas Sparks or even familiar with his many heart wrenching novels then you already know how this review is going to go :)

In case you never saw the movie trailer or read the book this story is about young love. Who woulda thunk it right? Mr Sparks is notoriously known for his tear jerker novels turned blockbuster sensations!

This novel revolves around a young man named....you guessed it....John. He's on leave from the army and of course like all good summer romances he meets girl, rescues her (well her bag) and they fall in love during the few weeks he's home. When he heads back off to Germany where he is stationed the young woman, Savannah, promises to write him letters and they count down the days til his next leave. A year later they are reunited but as you can imagine time changes everything.

I won't say much more because I truly believe you should read this book. Yes I caught myself wiping away a few tears but you'll be suprised to know it wasn't because of love lost, it was because of the enormous amount of love that comes in so many different forms in this novel. It pulls at your heart strings because you truly feel like you know these characters.

This has to be my favorite Nicholas Sparks novels yet, even beating out The Notebook, because it's so much more than just a love story between a man and woman. It's about unconditional love for a Father that is misunderstood, loving someone so much you only care about their happiness, and of course about first loves, cause who doesn't like reading about those :)

I fully intend on renting this movie tomorrow and at some point locking myself in the bedroom with a box of kleenex and my dog Roxy to bawl my eyes out (without Chuckles seeing of course) but I know I won't be left feeling sad, I will be left feeling the enormous amount of Love people can feel and can give.

Read the book before the movie. Without having seen the movie yet I already know it can't possibly touch how heartfelt the novel is.


Anonymous said...

from what I was told, the movie's ending was different than the book. I have the book on my shefl to read at some point


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