May 20, 2010

Finally a New Book Review

My gosh it has felt like it's been AGES since I last read a book!! And I guess it really has since I got so busy with the Bridal Shower prep (yes that post is coming!!) that I was so tired by the time we went to bed I got ZERO reading in!

I am very happy to report that I just finished reading "The Hopeless Romantic's Handbook" written by Gemma Townley!

I'm not sure if it's because I predicted it from the beginning or not but this book was hard to get through. I knew what was going to happen and the storyline in between just wasn't enough for me! Although I did love all the main characters, there was nothing about any of them that I disliked! I do love books where I can't find a flaw in the main characters :-)
But it's a cute book and I do love any books that take place in Britain so I'll give it a B :-) It wasn't horrendous but wasn't fabulous either!
My next book will either be "The Fixer Upper" written by Mary Kay Andrews or "Baby Proof" written by Emily Giffin. I have to pick one of them up from the library which could mean I'll start the other tonight!!


Anonymous said...

oooh! I look forward to your reviews on those 2 books.


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