May 11, 2010

Thursday Night Family Dinner

Every other Thursday I go down to my parents house to have Family Dinner :-) This past thursday my Sister was on her way to Vegas with her honey so it was just Mom, Paps, and I! After a yummy dinner of Hot Dogs (yes my favorite dinner) Mom and I decided to head over to K-Mart to look for a few items. I scored an adorable black sweater and another new Fuze Slenderize Drink that I'd never had!

But while in K-Mart I saw a thing of cream soda and root beer which made me want a Root Beer Float so BAD!!!! Well after Mom and I finished up at K-Mart we went over to this cute local frozen yogurt place to pick up some dessert!! I was so freakin happy to see they had a Root Beer Float flavored frozen yogurt!! It was so GOOD!!! And since I couldn't go without toppings I had to add Chocolate Sprinkles, Chocolate Syrup, and just for kicks some Marshmallows :-) Mom got Vanilla Frozen yogurt with hot fudge, and snicker pieces!!

I was so happy to have my craving fulfilled and I was pretty stoked over getting a new work sweater!! I promise to update with Bridal Shower pictures ASAP, but back to work I go :-)


Tracy said...

My daughter wanted to go to Dairy Queen but I said we didn't need it. Now looking at your pictures I think I may have to change my mind yumm


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